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Chapter 8 Vocab Rel.

chapter 8 religion vocabulary

An action or object that disposes us to God's grace Sacramental
A liturgical book that contains the prayers of the Mass for the use of the priest at the altar,along with instructions for the celebrant of the liturgy. Scripture readings are contained in a book called a Lectionary Sacramentary
Items used to foster the virtue of religion and a life of devotion Sacred Objects
Refers either to part of the habit of a man or woman in religious vows, or to the smaller version worn by lay people who strive to follow the holy order of a given religious order or community Scapular
The pious practice of meditating upon Jesus' Passion,Death,and Resurrection. This may be done by either walking the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem or by passing from one image depicting Jesus' sufferings to the next in a Church Stations of the Cross
Showing devotion &respect to Our Blessed Mother & the saints who were viewed as faithful witnesses to the Faith or to things set aside for the worship of God(4 example the Book of Gospels)This is distinct from adoration or worship which is due toGod alone Veneration
Worship. This is the humble acknowledgement by human beings that they are creatures of the thrice-holy Creator. By obeying the 1st Commandment, people acknowledge and respond to the revelation of the glory and power of God Adoration
Practices, traditions, disciplines, and liturgical expressions used in the Catholic Churches in communion with the Pope, but ither than the Latin Rite Eastern Rites
To kneel down on one knee as a sign of reverence to the Blessed Sacrament when entering or leaving a church or when passing in front of the tabernacle Genuflect
The adoration rendered Almighty God by the angels and saints in Heaven, most especially through the eternal pleading of Christ the High Priest and the perpetual offering of His once-for-all sacrifice of Himself to His heavenly Father Heavenly Liturgy
Blessed water; a sacramental whose use is a reminder of Baptism and a means of sanctification Holy Water
A 2D stylized paintingor mosaic ofChrist the VirginMary anangel or1 ofthe saintsThis is usedas anaid4Xtianactsof pietyThe artistic style of icons reflects amystical beauty of ChristtheSavior&the saints. Aniconby virtue ofwhat is repd is an invite 2 prayer Icon
A screen of icons used in the Eastern Churches which separates the nave from the sanctuary and the altar Iconostasis
representations such as statues or pictures Images
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