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teas practice

The skull is ____ to the brain. Which of the following correctly completes the sentence above? A) medial B) superficial C) inferior D) intermediate (B) The skull surrounds the brain, making it superficial, or closer to the body surface.
How does a sagittal section divide the body? A) Into right and left regions B) Into upper and lower regions C) Into front and back regions D) Between the dorsal and ventral cavities (A) A sagittal section occurs along a longitudinal plane, dividing the body into right and left regions.
While conducting experiment, scientist makes inferences 4m data 2 recommend revised experimental focus. This action corresponds 2 which step in scientific method? A) Formulating hypothesis B) Collecting data C) Analyzing data D) Drawing conclusion (D) In the final step of an experiment, you develop a conclusion and suggest where to go next.
The esophagus is part of the ____ system. Which of the following correctly completes the sentence above? A) endocrine B) digestive C) respiratory D) nervous (B) The esophagus is the passage that connects the pharynx to the stomach.
Empirical data is derived from ____ and ____. Which of the following correctly completes the sentence above? A) observation; experimentation B) postulating; theorizing C) common sense; repetition D) conceptualizing; modeling (A) Empirical means "based on experiment and observation rather than theory
In a graph showing the growth of bacterial colonies, what might be another term for "Log phase"? A) Decline phase B) Exponential growth C) Stationary phase D) Maximum phase (B) The log phase is a phase of exponential growth.
How should a researcher test hypothesis that radiation 4m cell phones is enough to raise the temp of water in a test tube? A) Dial cell phone that rests beside a test tube of water, let it ring for 2 minutes, and record the temperature of the water befo (C) This choice reduces the possibility that one brand might emit more radiation than another; it also allows for a before-and-after measurement that is parallel for each test.
Beriberi is a disease caused by lack of A) vitamin C. B) niacin. C) thiamine. D) protein. (C) Thiamine (B1) deficiency is often found in people whose diet consists largely of polished white rice; in refining the rice, the thiamine-rich husk is removed. Beriberi may affect several systems in the body and may lead to paralysis or death.
Which one has the highest density? A) Mist B) Water C) Steam D) Ice (B) Ice (choice D) floats on water (choice B) because its density is less, despite the fact that it is a solid. When water freezes, its volume increases, making its density (mass/volume) less.
A = B. B = C. Therefore, A = C. This is an example of what kind of reasoning? A) Contradictory B) Inductive C) Deductive D) Fallacious (C) In deductive reasoning, conclusions are drawn from given premises.
The molar mass of glucose is 180.0 g/mol. If an IV solution contains 5 g of glucose in 100 g of solution, what is the molarity of the solution? A) 0.28 M B) 1.8 M C) 2.8 M D) 18 M (A) 100 grams of solution = 0.1 liters of solution. 5 grams of solute where the molar mass of the solute is 180.0 g/mol means a molarity of or 5/180 0.027777. 0.028/0.1=0.28 so the molarity of the solution is 0.28 M.
A 50-L tank of oxygen under a pressure of 80 atm would require what pressure to decrease the volume to 1 L? A) 6.25 atm B) 625 atm C) 2,000 atm D) 4,000 atm (D) If p1 V1 = p2 V2, then 50 L × 80 atm = 1 L × 4,000 atm.
When an acid and a base neutralize each other, which products are formed? A) A metal and water B) A nonmetal and water C) A salt and water D) An ion and water (C) Acid + base → salt + water.
To find the acceleration of an object, which would you not need to know? A) Mass B) Initial speed C) Final speed D) Time (A) Acceleration has to do with initial and final velocity over time. Mass is not involved in the calculation, although it is critical to a measurement of momentum.
Which information would allow a direct calculation of the average speed of a rocket on its upward flight? A) Wind speed and thrust force B) Rocket mass and acceleration C) Maximum height and time D) Thrust force and deceleration (C) Average speed, whether it's meters per second or miles per hour, is simply a calculation of distance/time..
Which is an important aspect of hypothesis development during an experiment? A) Making predictions B) Drawing conclusions C) Observing and recording D) Determining reliability (A) Formulating a hypothesis involves making a prediction that follows from a given problem statement.
The organ system primarily responsible for integrating voluntary movements is the _____ system. Which of the following correctly completes the sentence above? A) cardiovascular B) digestive C) respiratory D) nervous (D) The nervous system controls the voluntary movements of the skeletal system.
How do evaporation and boiling of a liquid primarily differ? A) In speed and product B) In temperature and speed C) In pressure and product D) In speed and pressure (B) Evaporation is a vaporization that happens slowly across the surface of a liquid. It can occur at any temperature. Boiling, on the other hand, occurs rapidly throughout a liquid when the temperature of the liquid reaches its boiling point.
In an experiment designed to examine the effects of eye makeup on women with contact lenses, which variable might be considered extraneous? A) Age B) Contact wearing C) Gender D) Use of eye makeup (A) The experiment relies on contact-wearing women who wear eye makeup. Age is never specified.
What is the point of performing an experiment as a double-blind study? A) To maximize control B) To avoid outliers C) To ensure reliability D) To eliminate bias (D) In a double-blind study, neither the subjects nor the experimenters know the identity of the control group or the experimental group. This eliminates any potential bias on the part of the experimenters.
Which of these taxonomic ranks is the most specific? A) Kingdom B) Order C) Class D) Phylum (B) From least to most specific, the hierarchy is: domain, kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species..
What is the main function of ribosomes? A) Mitosis B) Protein synthesis C) Cellular movement D) Storage (B) Ribosomes translate mRNA to manufacture protein from amino acids.
Diploid and haploid cells differ in their ____ of ____. Which of the following correctly completes the sentence above? A) separations; proteins B) lengths; DNA C) production; enzymes D) numbers; chromosomes (D) Diploid cells have two sets of chromosomes; haploid cells have only one.
Which might be considered a polygenic trait in humans? A) Hair color B) Color blindness C) Hemophilia D) Attached earlobes (A) A polygenic trait is controlled by more than one gene. Choices B, C, and D do not fit into that category.
Two products of respiration, ____ and ____, are the reactants in photosynthesis. Which of the following correctly completes the sentence above? A) water; glucose B) oxygen; water C) water; carbon dioxide D) glucose; oxygen (C) In respiration, glucose + oxygen (reactants) = carbon dioxide + water + energy.
Dogs, goats, and pigs belong to the same A) species. B) phylum. C) genus. D) order (B) Dogs, goats, and pigs all have backbones, and thus are in the phylum Chordata. Dogs are in the order Carnivora, but goats and pigs are not. Both are Artiodactyla (even-toed ungulates).
____ SnO2 + ____ H2 → ____Sn +____H2O Which of the following correctly balances the chemical equation above? A) SnO2 + 2H2 → 2Sn + H2O B) SnO2 + 2H2 → Sn + 2H2O C) SnO2 + H2 → 2Sn + 2H2O D) 2SnO2 + H2 → Sn + 2H2O (B) To balance a chemical equation, you must end up with the same number of each kind of atom on either side of the arrow. Choice B gives you two oxygen atoms, four hydrogen atoms, and one tin atom on either side.
How are epithelial cells classified? A) By shape and alignment B) By location and function C) By shape and function D) By orientation and color (A) Epithelial cells come in different shapes and are arranged in strata one or more cells thick. Examples of classifications might be "simple cuboidal," "simple columnar," or "stratified squamous."
Which kind of immunity from disease can a baby receive through its mother's breast milk? A) Naturally acquired passive immunity B) Naturally acquired active immunity C) Artificially acquired passive immunity D) Artificially acquired active immunity (A) Breast milk transfers certain antibodies from the mother to the infant.
Which organ does not manufacture digestive enzymes? A) Kidneys B) Small intestine C) Pancreas D) Stomach (A) The small intestine (choice B) manufactures maltase and peptidase; the pancreas (choice C) manufactures pancreatic amylase, trypsin, and lipase; and the stomach (choice D) manufactures pepsin.
Which parts of the heart are separated by the mitral valve? A) Left atrium and right atrium B) Right atrium and right ventricle C) Left ventricle and right ventricle D) Left atrium and left ventricle (D) The mitral valve opens to allow oxygenated blood collected in the left atrium to flow into the left ventricle.
In what form is glucose stored in the liver? A) As fatty acid B) As glycogen C) As amylase D) As amino acid (B) The liver converts glucose to glycogen and stores it, keeping blood sugar levels balanced.
What is the function of the dendrites? A) Reception of stimuli B) Production of neurotransmitters C) Connection of neurons D) Control of sympathetic nerves (C) Dendrites, from the Greek word for "trees," branch off of neurons and help connect one neuron to the next via synapses.
In which structure do sperm mature? A) Vas deferens B) Epididymis C) Urethra D) Seminiferous tubules (B) Sperm cells are manufactured in the seminiferous tubules (choice D) of the testes and stored in the narrow tube called the epididymis (choice B) until ejaculated via the vas deferens and urethra (choices A and C).
Zero population growth occurs when number of births plus ____ equals number of deaths plus ____. A) immigrants; immigrants B) immigrants; emigrants C) emigrants; emigrants D) emigrants; immigrants (B) Population growth involves both birth and immigration; population decline involves both death and emigration.
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