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Family Consumer Science Investigation

Apartment a rented unit in a multifamily building
Condominium individually owned family units in a multi-family development
Conservation protecting the environment and natural resources against waste and harm
Energy Efficient Using less energy
Environment a person's surroundings and everything in them including both human and nonhuman factors
Intruder someone who uses force to get into someone elses home
Manufactured Home a transportable structure made in a factory designed to be used as a single family dwelling
Multiple Family dwellings a building that contains several units designed to house more than one family
multi-tasking fitting tasks together to make the best use of time doing two tasks at once
nonrenewable resources natural resources that can't replace themselves and therefore are in limited supply
Recycle to process resources to be used again
renewable resources natural resources that can renew or replace themselves over time
sanitary being free from germs being clean and healthy
single family homes housing designed for one family
Created by: dpilgrim24