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Flow Controls

Fluid Power Flow Basics

Flow is affected by? Changes in Temperature Pressure,Load, Orifice Size
Pressure differential across an orifice Affects Flow
A Fixed orifice is used when? FLow is not critical
The advantages of meter out speed regulation are? Overrunning load control and Partially control actuator leakage.
A flow control device can be? Fixed or Variable
A Needle Valve with a check valve attatched is a? One way flow control
A Pressure Compensated flow Contrl Valve will? Maintain a set flow rate regardless of changes in Pressure.
What valve is used to maintain a set rod speed regardless of changes in temperature or pressure. Pressure and Temperature Compensated flow Control Valve
Provides Overrunning Load Control. Meter out flow Control
Sets speed of actuator extent. Meter in Control
Is set in Parallel to the system provides reduced heat generation and does not provide Overrunning Load Control. Bleed off flow control
Provides equal and unequal rates of flow to two seperate circuits. 50/50 to 90/10 flow Divider
An orbitrol steering valve system will contain? Flow Divider, Orbitrol steering Valve, Crossport Relief valves, Cylinders, and Main Circuit relief.
Pressure Intensification in a meter out circuit will occur because? pressure is reacting to different surface areas in an unbalanced Cylinder
Meter in and Meter out flow control methods will generate? Excessive heat
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