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Chapter 1

DHS PS Ch. 1 - Methods of Science (2018)

The prefix milli means? .001 or 1/1000
The prefix centi means? .01 or 1/100
The prefix deci means? .1 or 1/10
To find the volume of a regular shaped object (such as a brick or box), you should? multiply the length x width x height (answer will be cubed)
A factor that remains the same in an experiment is the? constant
In a controlled experiment, the single factor changed (manipulated) by the researcher is which variable? independent variable
In a controlled experiment the responding factor that is measured is which variable? dependent variable
Another term for technology is? applied science
A measurement standard is defined as? the EXACT quantity people agree to use for comparison.
One benefit of the SI system is that it is? based on multiples of ten
The prefix kilo means? 1,000
The prefix deca means? 10
The prefix hecto means? 100
A factor in an experiment that changes from the manipulation of the independent variable is the? dependent variable
Which type of graph would you use to compare data you collected by counting? bar graph
What type of graph would you make if you wanted to show the percentage of students who completed their homework? circle graph or pie chart
Which type of graph best shows a change in data over time? line graph
Which type of graph best shows data that are parts of a whole? circle graph or pie chart
Which type of graph shows how a relationship between variables changes over time? line
An explanation based on many observations and investigations is called a(n)? theory
A statement about something that always seems to be true? scientific law
The three ways that an investigation can be performed are _______? by observing, experimenting and modeling
When using the SI system we would measure length or distance in what unit? meters
To find the density of a material, you would? divide the mass by the volume
The x axis on a graph is used to show which variable? independent variable
The y axis on a graph is used to show which variable? dependent variable
6th step in the Scientific Method where you decide if your hypothesis was supported. draw conclusions
A quantitity that can have more than a single value? variable
The International System of units that are universally accepted and understood throughout the world? SI
The variable you change to see how it will affect the dependent variable? independent variable
The mass per unit volume of a material? density
A possible explanation for a problem using what you know and observe? It should be an "If/then" statement. hypothesis
A unit obtained by combining different SI units? derived units
A visual display of info or data? graph
Science deals with things in the? natural world
The application of science to help people? technology
The 4th step in the Scientific Method that involves making observations, building a model, or performing an experiment? test the hypothesis
The standard by which the test results can be compared to? control
The amount of space occupied by an object? volume
SI unit for mass? kilogram
SI unit for temperature Kelvin
The quantity of matter in an object? mass
The SI system is based of multiples of? 10
The first step in the Scientific Method? state the problem
The SI unit for intensity of light? candela
The independent variable is plotted on the horizontal or _____ ? x axis
The SI unit for time? second
SI unit for length? meter
This is the coldest temperature reached at 0 K. absolute zero
The second step in the Scientific Method where scientist learn as much as possible about the background of the problem? gather information
The SI unit for the amount of substance? mole
The third step in the Scientific Method that involves an educated guess or an "if/then" statement? form a hypothesis
Standard units used to measure density. g/cm3
The SI unit for electric current? ampere
An organized set of investigation procedures? scientific method
The fifth step in the Scientific Method where observations are recorded and organized in graphs and tables? analyze the data
The dependent variable is plotted on the vertical or ________? y axis
When what the scientist expects changes how the results are viewed? bias
This tests the effect of one thing on another using controlled conditions? experiment
Which type of graph best shows a comparison of several items or events? bar graph
When numbers in that range have been left out or there was not data for those numbers, you would insert a __________ . break
In what country are the actual SI standards kept? France
A way to measure the volume of an irregularly shaped object would be to ... measure the water displaced in a graduated cylinder
When measuring a liquid in a graduated cylinder, it is important to record the measurement at the bottom of the ... meniscus
What unit would be appropriate to measure the distance from here to Florida in? kilometer
What unit would be appropriate to measure the length of a school building? meter
What is the saying to help remember the units in the unit line? King Henry Drinks Ucky Dark Chocolate Milk
What temperature does water freeze and boil at on the Celsius scale? 0C and 100C
What temperature does water freeze and boil at on the fahrenheit scale? 32F and 212F
What temperature does water freeze and boil at on the Kelvin scale? 273K and 373K
These can represent ideas, events, or objects that are too big or too small to see models
The latin word scientia means ________ ? knowledge
Another word for average, calculated by adding the values together and then dividing by the number of values added. mean
Another name for middle, calculated by arranging a list of numbers from least to greatest and is the middle number median
The most common number from a list of numbers. mode
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