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ACA111 summary

modules 1-4

email Email is very important for communication between students and teachers. I will check my email more often.
syllabus The syllabus should be printed out and referenced through out the class. It contains vital information such as teachers contact information and the course schedule. I reference mine every week.
moodle Moodle is a part of every class. It is where you do the online portion of your classes. I try to log in everyday.
web advisor Web advisor contains alot of information about you. It is where you can register for classes, find out what classes you have taken or need to take, and financial standings. I check my web advisor once at least once a month for these reasons.
google docs Google docs is a useful tool to complete assignments. It is accessible from different computers through your student email. I plan to try to use it more when I am more familiar with it.
learning styles there are different learning styles: Auditory, Visual, Kinisthetic. I am visual and kinesthetic. Finding this out helped me find ways that I learn the best.
study skills Everyone needs to know how to study so they can do well on their test. I have combinded a new study way with my old way to be able to cover more material. I use the 4S=M and my notes.
test taking skills The 10 tips for terrific test taking is very useful. Most of these tips I already was doing but I now have a few more that I will be using to help me on test days.
note taking There are different types of note taking: List method, Outline method, Cornell method. I use the outline method but will be trying the cornell method.
time management Time management is key to keeping your stress level down. It is also essential in makeing sure you get everything completed by its due date. To help with my time management I will try to do things right away and saving time for myself to relax.
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