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unit 7 physics

What is the principle reservoir for excess electric charge? the earth
Regarding the movement of an electric charge from one atom to another atom: Usually outer-shell electrons move
Electric energy can be converted into: Thermal energy by a lamp
Electrostatics concerns concerns resting electric charges
Coulombs law states that electrostatic force is: inversely proportional to the square of the distance between charges
Which of the following is a method of electrification? induction
Static electricity can do what can make one's hair stand on end
The unit of electrostatic charge is the Coulomb
The principle electrostatic law states that an electron will repel an electron
Objects become electrified because of the transfer of electrons
The phenomenon of lightning occurs when one cloud is positively electrified and an adjacent one is negatively electrified
Which of the following would be included as one of the four basic electrostatic laws? Electric charge concentration
An electrostatic force is created when a/an proton approaches a proton
A radiographic tube is operated at 500 mA. How many electrons per second is this? 3.2 x 10^18
The unit of electrostatic force is the newton
Which of the following are not affected by electrostatically charged matter? x-rays
How many electrons are contained in 0.5 µC? 3.2 x 10^12
When a copper conductor becomes electrified: A kink in the wire will have higher surface electrification &&& Negative charges concentrate on the surface and positive charges are ditributed without
The unit of electric potential is the Volt
Two positive 0.5 C charges are positioned 1.0 m apart. The force acting betwenn them is: Repulsive
Which of the following is the best electric static insulator? Water
The ratio of the electic potentional across a circuit element to the current flowing through that element is called Resistance
The electrical resistance of wire increases as the diameter of the wire decreases
When an electric current flows through a wire with resistance(R) energy is Generated as heat
When lelectrons move in a copper wire Resistance to the electron flow exits
The number of volts required to cause a current of 40 A in a current having a resistance of 5 Ω is 200 V
the unit of electric potential is the Volt
Ohms law states that The electric potentional is the product of current and resistance
The flow of 1 C/s in a conductor is equal to 1 A
in a series circuit The total resistance is the sum of the individual resistances
In electrodynamics, which of the following is correct expression? V = IR
Which of the following is normally measured in volts? Electric potential
Milliampere seconds (mAs) is a unit of Electric current
Electric insulators: Inhibit movement of electric charge
1 A is equal to 1 C/s
Battery symbol c
capacitor symbol d
resistor symbol b
Switch symbol e
transformer symbol a
Allows electrons to flow in only one direction a(know symbol)
Increases or decreases voltage e(know symbol)
Inhibits the flow of electrons d(know symbol)
measures electric current c(know symbol)
Momentarily stores electric charge b(know symbol)
Which of the following is a physical property that we cannot sense? magnetism
An example of a magnetic domain is: A nucleus
If a bar magnet were suspended in space and another bar of nonmagnetic material were brought close to it, what would happen? Nothing
If two bar magnets suspended in space were brought together, what would happen? They would rotate and attract
A lodestone is an example of: A natural magnetic
Which of the following would likely be classified as ferromagnetic material? Iron
If two magnets are brought together, north to north poles will______ whereas north to south poles will______> repel; attract
Most magnets are affected by another magnetic field
Most magnetic materials are Still magnetic whem broken
A navigational compass: Has both a north and a south pole
Which of the following is a classification of magnetism? Paramagnetism
The earth's magnetic field is strongest: at the poles
The physical laws of magnetism: requires that there be a soith pole for every north pole
Which of the following can create a magnetic field? A spinning proton
The force between the poles of the two bar magnets obeys the inverse square law
When the iron is fabricated into a magnet, magnets domains Align
Magnetism has some properties similiar to those of electrostatics, such as both obey the inverse square law
magnetism: is present in some naturally occuring ores
When a chaged particle moves in a straight line a magnetic field is created perpendicular to the particle motion
Which of the following has an associated magnetic field Hydrogen nucleus
When iron is brought near a permanent magnet the lines of the magnetic field are atrracted to the iron
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