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Street Law Chapt9


the killing of another person; it can be criminal, noncriminal, or negligent homicide
ill will; deliberate intent to harm someone malice
murder planned in advance and done with malice or during the commission of a dangerous felony first-degree murder
the killing of someone during the commission of certain felonies, regardless of intent to kill (which is usually required for a murder charge) felony murder
murder that does not require malice or premeditation but is the result of a desire to inflict bodily harm; it is done without excuse, and is therefore more serious than manslaughter second-degree murder
murder, when intentional but not premeditated, resulting from the heat of passion or the diminished mental capacity of the killer voluntary manslaughter
murder, when unintentional but done during an unlawful act of a lesser nature involuntary manslaughter
causing death through criminally negligent behavior negligent homicide
the failure to exercise a reasonable amount of care in either doing or not doing something, resulting in harm or injury to another person negligence
the deliberate taking of one's own life suicide
an intentional threat, show of force, or movement that causes a reasonable fear of, or an actual physical contact with, another person; can be a crime or a tort assault
any intentional, unlawful physical contact inflicted on one person by another without consent; in some states, this is combined with assault battery
the act of following or harassing another person, causing fear of death or injury stalking
unwelcome sexual contact against another individual committed through the use of force, threat, or intimidation, or enabled because the victim is incapacitated due to drugs, alcohol, or mental disability sexual assault
unlawful sexual intercourse; it is committed when one party forces another party to have sexual intercourse; it implies lack of consent rape
the act of unlawful sexual intercourse by an adult with someone under the age of consent, even if the minor is a willing and voluntary participant in the sexual act statutory rape
sexual assault by someone known to the victim, such as a date or neighbor acquaintance rape (date rape)
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