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4th Grade Suffixes Word Scramble


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4th Grade Suffixes

Suffix (Sample Words)Meaning
ly (commonly, happily, safely) the way an item is, in a certain way
ful (thankful, careful) full of or enough of
able or ible (comfortable, reversible) to be able
less (careless, helpless) without
ist, er, ner, or (runner, pianist, artist, teacher, author, tailor, farmer) one who (does somthing)
ence or ance or ous (influence, violence, compliance, famous, continuous) quality or state of
ism or ity or ness (baptism, realism, necessity, kindness, darkness) state of (root) or being of (root)
s or es (fishes, kites, cats) makes a word plural, more than one
ary (library, missionary) related to, place for
ing (singing, purring) process of doing something
ed (hummed, drummed) past tense
ic or ish or al (acrobatic, allergic, bluish, selfish, final) like or related to
ate (compassionate, decaffeinate) process of making (root), quality of
est (biggest, fastest) the most or best
tion or sion or tive or sive or ive(attention, discussion, attentive, permissive) process of doing, state of an item
y or ity (handy, hungry) in the manner of being
ant or ent or ment (abundant, absorbent, arguement, disagreement) cause of an action or condition, being
ize (characterize, humanize) to become, to cause
ness (alertness) state or act of being
al (musical, accidental) belonging to, related to
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