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Word Within the Word: Lists 16-20

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

ist   one who  
saur   lizard  
pithec   ape  
calli   beautiful  
austro   south  
cephalo   head  
chiro   hand  
caust   burn  
terr   land  
cata   down  
flu   flow  
here   stick  
pos   put  
mund   world  
cracy   government  
mania   madness  
ize   make  
antho   flower  
algia   pain  
somn   sleep  
err   wander  
sine   without  
jur   swear  
Anglo   English  
quadr   four  
lingu   language  
mot   move  
nav   ship  
und   wave  
flect   bend  
coron   crown  
aur   gold  
liter   letter  
rat   think  
sis   condition  
par   equal  
mens   measure  
mony   condition  
quin   five  
socio   society  
ovi   egg  
phasia   speech  
pter   wing  
phen   appearance  
hist   tissue  
glott   tongue  
phan   appearance  
peri   near or around  
pot   drink  
via   road  
atmo   vapor  
cardio   heart  
cosmo   world or universe  
counter   against  
craino   skull  
cyclo   circle  
gno   know  
oss   bone  
xylo   wood  
monger   seller  
sept   seven  
xeno   stranger  
vas   vessel  
fore   front  
ish   like  
less   without  
baro   pressure  
ferro   iron  
quasi   somewhat  
nesia   island  
lepsy   attack  
let   little  
nano   billionth  
pico   trillionth  
ideo   idea  
ven   come  
ichthy   fish  
pulse   drive  
calor   heat  
sol   sun  
strat   layer  
nuc   center  
sat   enough  
protero   early  
mont   mountain  
kilo   thousand  
myria   many  
tachy   quick  
fiss   split  
cumu   heaped  
meteor   high  
hibern   winter  
di   two  
bath   deep  
cirr   hair  
grav   heavy  
solv   loosen  
ophthal   eye  
oma   tumor  
rub   red  
mela   black  
vice   in place of  
foli   leaf  
atom   vapor  
orb   circle  
multi   many  
ign   fire  
moll   soft  
lin   line  
hemi   half  
oo   egg  
grade   step  
pneumo   lung  
radi   ray  
oscu   mouth  
ob   against  
vect   carry  
digit   finger  
gymno   naked  
plasm   form  
narco   sleep  
vermi   worm  
lign   wood  
dendr   tree  
lachry   tear  


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Created by: Kelsid