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Top Ten Ap Euro. 2

Chapters 13 and 14 ap euro top ten

Who was Erasmus? He was the first to want small reforms in the Catholic Church.
Who was Martin Luther? He wrote the 95 theses and was the founder of Luthernaism.
What was the Peace of Augsburg? It allowed the German states to choose their own religion.
Who was Henry VIII? The king of England that wanted divorce so he broke away from the Catholic Church and formed the Anglican Church.
What was Calvinism? A more radical form of Luthernism.
What was the Catholic Reformation? A response to the Protestant Reformation led by the Jesuits also known as the Counter Reformation.
what was the Council of Trent?
Who were the Hugenots? Protestants in France.
what was the Edict of Nantes? It gave the Hugenots freedom in France.
Who was Queen Elizabeth? The Protestant queen of England who defeated the Spanish Armada.
What was "God, Glory, and Gold"? The motto of exploration.
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