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Science Revolution

Chapter 16 Scientific Revolution Thinkers

Copernicus Education: Poland & England, Rejected by Christianity, Inspired Galileo, On the Revolutions of the Heavanly Spheres-1543, Sun center of the universe - heliocentric, Rotation on axis = day
Brahe Nobleman, 20 years of star/planet movement observations
Kepler Raised to be Lutheran minister, became math/astronomy teacher, 3 laws of planetary motion
Galileo Taught math, Condemned by Roman Inquisition, 1st to observe sky with telescope, "The Starry Messenger", "Duologue on the 2 Chief World Systems: Ptolemaic & Copernican", Sun center
Newton From England, Studied and taught at Cambridge, Invented calculus, "Principia", Universal law of gravitation, 3 laws of motion
Galen Greek physician (anatomy, physiology, diseases), Dissected animals, 2 blood systems, 4 humors need to be balanced,
Paracelsus Ill-tempered, drunk, Diseases caused by chemical imbalances, Father of Modern Medicine
Andreas Vesalius royal surgeon, "On the Fabric of the Human Body" - illustrated book on human dissection, All skeletons the same
William Harvey Attended Cambridge, Physician of 2 kings, "On the Motion of the Heart and Blood", Heart start of blood flow, veins & arteries - same blood
Margaret Cavendish Humans masters of nature through science, 1st woman to write publications "Observations upon Experimental Philosophy" "Grounds of Natural Philosophy"
Maria Merian Entomologist, Learned illustration from father, "Metamorphosis of the Insects in Surinam", Researched development & reproduction
Maria Winkleman Educated by father & uncle, Married Gottfried Kirch, Was denied position @ Berlin, Discovered a comet
querelles de femmes Arguments on women, Men need to control them, easily swayed, Women say rational & can grow from education
Rene Descartes In 30 years' war, Father of Modern Rationalism, Jesuit educatiobn, "Discourse on Method", Separation of mind over matter
Francis Bacon lawyer, "The Great Instauration", Made scientific method, Correct generalizations through it
Benedict de Spinoza Excommunicated by religion "Ethics Demonstrated in the Geometrical Manner", Ethics, Pantheism (monism), Only God completely free, God is universe
Blaise Pascal Frech scientist & mathematician, tried to unite religion and science - failed, "Penses" (Thoughts)
Created by: xavierip on 2007-11-10

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