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Social Studies 5

social studies 5

viceroy a person sent by king to rule in his place.
mestizos spanish marries native americans their children were called that.
haciendas were huge land areas owned by spanish colonist
missions church settlements
presidios forts
charter an official document that gave the compony the right to settle in North America
invested or gave money, to the company
stock or part of the company in return
Indentured servants were people who worked for a certain number of years in return to the trip to america
puritans they wanted to purify the church
Separatists some of the puritans were called that
pilgrims people who trave;ed to a holy place
missionary is someone who traveles to do religous work
patroons were wealthy men who could afford to bring people and supplies to settle land
pelt is an animal skin with hair or fur still on it
religous persecution some came to escape religous persecution in their homelands
Mexico city was the capital of the colony of New spain. Spain claimed land and people in the Americas as colonist, one of which was new Spain. New Spain has valuble resources. there were gold and silver deposits deep in its mountain.
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