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ap euro ch15

Josiah Wedgwood english industrialist whose pottery works were the first to produce fine-quality pottery by industrial methods
Domestic/Putting out system system of merchant-capitalists "putting out" raw materials to cottage workers for processing and payment that was fully developed in England. method of production in which work is done in homes rather than in a shop or factory
Spinning Jenny a machine produced by james hargreavs in 1765 to mass produce thread
Water Frame invention that used water to produce trully pure cotton fabric. it was invented by richard Arkwright
Edmund Cartwright : a British man who invented the power loom which was water-powered and provided for rapid and automatic weaving.
Thomas Newcomen a British man who invented the first crude steam engine. it served chiefly to operate pumps draining water from coal mines. (very inefficient)
Matthew Boulton toy and button manufacturer who teamed up with watt to help provide funds for and make a precise cylinders for watt's steam engine.
Henry Cort : inventor of the puddling system in which coke (made from coal) was used to burn away impurities in pig iron to produce an iron of high quality.
Ghetto a poor densely populated city district occupied by a minority ethnic group linked together by economic hardship and social restrictions. This is where the Jews were required to live during this time period.
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