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Nail Terminilogy

Pivot point nail terminology disease,disorder, cond.

Manicure Cosmetic care for the hands and fingernails.
Pedicure Cosmetic care for the feet and toenails.
Onyx Technical term for the nail.
Onychology Study of the structure of nails.
Free edge Part of the nail that extends beyond the end of the finger.
Nail body Nail plate: visible nail area from the nail root to tfree edge. No nerves or blood vessels
Nail wall fold of skin on either side of the nail groove.
Lunula half-moon shape at the base of the nail, appears white due to reflection of light at the point where the nail matrix and nail bet meet.
eponychium cuticle that overlaps the lunula at the base of the nail.
cuticle loose and pliable overlapping skin around the nail.
nail matrix active tissue that generates cells, which hardens as they move outward to the nail.
nail root attached to the matrix at the base of the nail, under the skin and inside the mantle.
mantle pocket-like structure that hold the root and matrix
nail bed area of the nail on which the nail body rest.
nail grooves track on either side of the nail that the nail moves on as it grows.
perionychium skin that touches overlaps and surrounds the nail
hyponychium skin under the free edge.
Onychomycosis ringworm of the nail
Tinea manus ringworm of the hand
Tenea pedis ringworm of the feet
paronychia inflammation of skin around nail
onychoptosis shedding or falling off of nails
onychia inflammation of the nail matrix
onychatrophia aprophy of the nail
onychlysis loosenig or separation of the nail
eggshell nails very thin soft nails
corrugations horizontal wavy ridges across the nail
kolionychia spoon nails with a concave shape
furrows intended vertical lines down the nail plate
onychogryposis claw nails. increased curvature of the nails
onychocryptosis ingrown nails
onychauxis thickening of the nail plate or abnormal outgrowth of the nail
agnails spit cuticles
bruised nails show dark purplish discoloration under the nail
leuconychia white spots appearing in the nail
pterygium livng skin that becomes attached to the nail plate either at the eponyhium or the hyponichium.
onychophagy bitten nails
onychorrhexis spit or brittle nails

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