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Where does a Cisco router hold its IOS images? In Flash memory.
Are the contents of Flash memory kept on reload? Yes.
Are the routing tables kept in Read-only memory (ROM), Randomaccess memory (RAM), or Flash? Routing tables, along with the running configuration file, are kept in RAM. RAM contents are lost on reload.
Where does a Cisco router keep the startup configuration file? The startup configuration file is kept in NVRAM, or non-volatile RAM. NVRAM contents are retained on reboot.
What is the very first step in the router boot process? The Cisco router will run a POST (power-on self-test). The POST is a series of diagnostic tests designed to verify the basic operations of the CPU and router memory
From what three locations can a Cisco router load the IOS? The Internetwork Operating System can be loaded from Flash, a TFTP server, or ROM.
What is the default location that a Cisco router attempts to first load the IOS upon startup? The router will attempt to load the IOS from Flash memory.
If there is no valid startup configuration, what mode does the router enter? The router will enter setup mode, which is a series of yes / no questions requiring user input
What mode is this router in? Router> This router is in user exec mode. Router>
From this prompt, what will the user have to enter to access privileged exec mode? Type in the word enable and press ENTER.
What mode is this router in? Router# This router is in privileged exec mode.
the xxxx command lists that same information as show ip int brief, as well as the subnet mask show protocols
show ip route connected list the mask information, and the subnet number connected to an interface
show ip arp lists the contents of a router’s ARP cache IP address, MAC address, and interface the Age value represents the number of minutes since the router last received a packet from the host. The Age does not mean how long since the ARP request/reply
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