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@Anne Frank

Anne Frank began keeping her diary on June 14th of what year? 1942
Anne was born in 1929 on what month and day? June 12
How old was Anne when the family moved to Amsterdam? Four years old
What event forced the Frank family into hiding? The call up notice for Margot
How long did the Frank family hide in the attic? Over two years
Which member of the secret annex survived? Otto Frank
When did Anne die? March 1945
How did Adolf Hitler die? He shot himself
What valuable thing survived the holocaust? Anne's diary
blackout no light
conspicuous obvious or noticeable
sparsely thinly distributed
compassionate deep sympathy
portly large
reserved keeping thoughts to oneself
unabashed not embarrassed
loathe hate
rucksack backpack
Created by: Chris0989

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