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European Rulers

all the ones on Riley's timeline

Henry V (1413-22) Hundred Years War; uniting France and England (England)
Henry VII (1485-1509) 1st Tudor monarch; War of the Roses (England)
Henry VIII (1509-47 2nd Tudor monarch; Seperation of Church of England; repressed Protestants (England)
Mary I (1553-58) 3rd Tudor monarch; Reestablished Roman Catholicism; "Bloody Mary" (England)
Elizabeth I (1558-1603) Last Tudor monarch; not really religious (England)
James I (1603-25) golden age of Elizabethan literature (England)
Charles I (1625-49) Struggled with Parliament for supremacy; English Civil War (England)
Cromwell (1649-58) Beheaded Charles I; Rump Parliament; became a bit of a dictator (England)
Charles II (1660-85) controlled heavily by Parliament; religious toleration (England)
James II (1685-89) abosulute monarch; religious liberty; Glorious revolution (England)
William and Mary (1689-94 protestant; fought with France (England)
Anne (1702-14)
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