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Age of Reformation

Chap 11

Great Schism two different popes claimed authority over Cahtolic church (Clement VII and Urban VI)not resolved till council of Constantine (1414)where they appointed new pope: Alexander V
sales of indulgences, nepotsm, simony everyday aspects of Catholic life angered Protestants, who beleived that they were not scripturally sound
clerical immorality and absenteeism protestants alienated by these conditions
Humanism rise of scholarship during Renaissance, and humanists' interest in returning to classical txts made study of and access to the Bible f great importance
Martin Luther (1483-1546) Germon theoligiandiscontented with medieval Christian teachings that God required perfect righteousness for salvation"justification by faith alone"- grace was given freely to those who beleived in Jesusposted 95 THeses
95 Theses Martin Luter posted them on door of Castle Churchcondemned to heresy 1520protected by friends and hidden in castle, translated New Test. into German
Ulrich Zwingli (1484-1531) headed Reformation in Switzbeleifs translated into harsh discipline in Zurich was ex. of puritical Protestantism
Beliefs of Zwingli opposed sale of indulgences, petitioned for end to clerical marriage and celibacyanything that lacked literal support in Scripture was not to be beleivedquestioned: fasting, saints, pilgrimages, &othr sacraments
John Calvin (1509-1564) leader of Calvanists, believed in divine predestination or concept of "elect" and ind.'s duty to reform society according to God's planled theocracy in Geneva
Institutes of Christian Religion by John Calvin theological statement of Protestant faithbeleived in unity of church and state, and he stressed the soveriegnty of God over all creation
Martin Bucer strasbourg reformer who influenced Calvinwas forced into exile during Augsburg Interim and helped draft rel txts of English Ref
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