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RHS Exam

In the x-ray tube, x-rays originate from? Anode.
The Electrons that revolve in shells around the nucleus have a + or - Charge? Negative Charge.
What radiation category do the x-rays belong to? Electromagnetic radiations.
What is an x-ray photon? A samll bundle of pure energy with wave-like properties.
How are x-rays produced in the x-ray tube? High speed electons interacting with the nucleus of the target atoms giving off radiation.
The target material(in the anode) for diagnostic tube is? Tungsten
At diagnostic levels, what percentage of the electron energy is converted to x-radiation at the anode? less than 1%.
Increasing the kVp of an x-ray machine increases the ____? Number and energy of photons generated.
The dental x-ray beam consist of photons of many different wavelengths, with the shortest wavelength photons determined by: Kilovoltage peak (kVp)
How can you discribe the radiation produced by high kVp? Short wave lengths of high frequency.
In a standard dental x-ray unit, the quality of x-radiation produced during exposure energization is controlled primarily by: Kilovoltage (kV)
In the standard dental x-ray unit, the quantity of x-radiation produced during exposure energization is controlled primarily by: Exposure time and milliamperage.
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