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Ancient Greece LeBel

Hellenes the Greek people
polis city-state
acropolis ancient Athens city on hill
archons 3 rulers of city
arete goodness, excellence or virtue
drachma Greek money
chaire hurrah! greeting
schole school
epheboi youth
pedagogue slave who oversees student
stylus pen
abacus calculator
lyre stringed instrument
palaestra wrestling school
pedotribe gymnastics
minotaur bull's head, man's body
labyrinth maze
choregus paid for theater
orchestra floor of stage
skene building behind the stage
proskemion in front of stage
Parthenon temple to Athena
cella inner chamber of temple
propylaea gateway entrance to acropolis
pediments triangle on top of columns
frieze decorated band on top of columns
stylobate base of temple columns
column post
pentathlon running, wrestling, long jump, javelin, discus
pankration melee of boxing/wrestling
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