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Protein Diagnostic

WVSOM Class of 2012 Protein Diagnostic Techniques

3 methods used to separate proteins are: size exclusion, HPLC, and ion exchange
gel electrophoresis uses which method to separate proteins? size exclusion
in studying proteins, which proteins will stay at the top of the gel? larger proteins
what are the 3 ck markers? ck1-brain, ck2-heart, ck3-muscle
what is HPLC? high phase liquid chromatography
ion exchange separates proteins based on what? charge
in an antibody, there are how many light and heavy chains? how many are variable and constant? 2 light: 2 variable, 2 constant; 2 heavy: 1 variable, 3 constant
in order to form more AAs, what AA must you have? cysteine
what are the steps of a western blot? electrophoresis and transfer, incubate with ab1 and wash excess, incubate with enzyme linked ab2 and wash excess, react with substrate for ab2 linked enzyme
what are the steps of proteomics? sort proteins by charge, then put that gel on another, sort proteins by size (in second dimension)
alzheimer's disease has what specific plaque formation? beta-amyloid
Created by: mhassan

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