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WVSOM - FA synthesis

WVSOM -- Fatty Acid Synthesis

When does FA synthesis occur? When there are more calories ingested than are needed
Beginning Product of FA synthesis Citrate
Citrate converted into what two products in preparation for FA synthesis Oxaloacetate and Acetyl CoA
Acetyl CoA goes to what Malonyl CoA
Malonyl CoA 3 Carbon compound needed for the immediate sgtarting material for FA synthesis
What cofactor is needed in all carboxylases? biotin
Fate of oxaloacetate from citrate lyase reaction Oxaloacetate -> Malate -> Pyruvate
Location of FA synthesis Hepatic cytosol
When is FA synthesis active Fed state assuming excess calories present
FA synthesis Starting material NADPH Malonyl CoA Acetyl CoA
FA Synthesis Products NADP+ Palmitate
Process of FA synthesis Reduction of carbons/oxidation of NADPH (reverse B oxidation)
Where do we get NADPH? Pentose Phosphate Pathway
Fatty Acid Synthase large complex of enzymes that binds growing acyl chain and malony CoA in first round.
Why is malonyl CoA used rather than acetyl coa? allows regulation
Fate of new synthesized FA activated to fatty acyl CoA for TG synthesis and incorporated into VLDL
Created by: Todd Jamrose Todd Jamrose on 2008-10-15

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