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Fold, Degrad, Polymo

WVSOM Class of 2012 Protein Folding, Degradation, and Polymorphism

helper proteins that overcome kinetic barriers are called? heat shock proteins (isomerases)
heat shock proteins are also called what? chaperonins
what proteins are involved in folding? prolyl cis/trans isomerases, protein disulfide isomerases, and disulfide reductases
what molecule cleaves peptide bonds in front of aromatic amino acids? chymotrypsin
to degrade proteins, what molecule is added? ubiquitin
what is the ligand that binds to proteins and causes ubiquitin to attach? E3
glycation aggregates are called what? advanced glycation end products (AGES)
HbA1C is a measure of what? hemoglobin glycosylation
what are two major aberrations of protein folding? prion's disease and alzheimer's disease
is an isoform the same or different gene? what about a mutation? different, same
ck is important in regenerating what? atp
what happens to intracellular ck when it is elevated? it diffuses out of the cell
HbF has increased oxygen affinity why? decreased 2,3-BPG binding
HbF gamma chains have what AA instead of serine? histidine
collagens have many ____ which lead to diseases? polymorphisms
what are the 2 human prion diseases? creutzfeldt-jakob disease and variant cjd
protein misfolding can cause the _____ that lead to alzheimer's disease? plaques
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