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-isms of ideas

absolutism the monarch has complete control
anarchism absence of gov't
capitalism means of production controlled by private individuals, business to earn a profit
colonialism imperialism, a mother country controls colonies for economic growth, political power, military bases
communism all power to the gov't for the good of the people. ideas of Marx
conservatism change is bad and should be slowed or stopped completely
cubism impressionism and surrealism movement. subjects used geometric shapes
deism belief all-powerful god created the universe and stepped back to watch it work
fascism state and big businesses eliminate worker's rights and resistance to gov't power
futurism depict dynamic movement, elimination of balance and rhythm, violence and speed of machine age
humanism human possibilities of Greco-Roman literature and values during the Renaissance
idealism Plato's mental plane over the material one. one can make the world better and things will work out well
imperialism powerful nations dominate less politically, economically, militarily
impressionism impression of a scene with the painter's emotion shown. a reaction to realism
individualism each person is important
liberalism political change can make society better (democratic rule, laissez-faire, removal of Corn Acts, utilitarianism, reform movement)
Marxism communist theory. the estate owns the means of production. citizen contributes while society gives to the need of the citizen
nationalism same language, traditions, ideas, culture, heritage, beliefs. should have their own nation
naturalism 20th c. human struggle w/ nature and humans
realism artistic movement late 19th c. horrors of daily life of the common person from the Industrial Rev.
radicalism immediate universal male suffrage in england.
relativism the truth is not absolute but subjective
republicanism people should be ruled through represented democracy in a republic
romanticism the beauty of nature, emotion, naionalism
Social Darwinism darwin's evolutionary ideas applied to classes. those at the top better fit
socialism gov't should manage the economy. rejected competition, laissez-faire, and private property
totalitarianism gov't should control every aspect of life
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