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Industrial Rev

18th-20th century

Enclosure Movement Privatized land with ownership of fewer hands
Agricultural Revolution crop rotations, new crops, and inventions
Population Explosion more production of food, medical advances (Edward Jenner smallpox vaccine)
Commercial Revolution capital for investment, banking systems
John Kay flying shuttle weaving 2x faster
James Hargreaves spinning jenny 6-8 threads spun
Richard Arkwright water frame streams power machines
Samuel Compton spinning jenny + water frame
Edmund Cartwright power loom
Eli Whitney cotton gin
James Watt steam engine
Robert Fulton steamboat "Clermont"
Samuel F.B Morse telegraph and morse code
Consequences destruction of env., industrial diseases, urbanization led to crime..., extreme working conditions, iron law of wages (luddites, low wages, no social safety net, destruction of family unit.
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