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servsafe powerpoint2

chef goodmans 8th period

What is a microorganism small living organism
what is a pathogen illness-causing microorganism
what is a toxin poison
what microorganism can contaminate food and cause foodborne illnesses bacteria,viruses,parasites,fungi
What do microorganisms need to grow food,acidity,temperature,time,oxygen,moisture
what are potentially hazardous food meat,poultry, dairy products, eggs
What acidic ph does foodborne microorganism grow best in 7.5-4.6
What temperatures do foodborne microorganisms grow well at 41- 135 F or 5- 57 C degrees
how many hours do foodborne microorganisms need to grow in TDZ 4 hours or more
What is TDZ Temperature danger zone
Do foodborne illnesses need oxygen some do and some dont
How much water activity in food do you need for there to be microorganisms growth .85 or higher
What are the two conditiond you can control temperature and time
how can you control temperature refrigerate or freeze food properly and cook food properly
how do you control time minimize time food spends in the temperature danger zone
what is a foodborne infection result when a person eats food containing pathogens which then grow in the intestines and cause illness
how can you get foodborne intoxications results when a person eats food containing toxins that cause illness
what is foodborne toxin-mediated infections and how is it caused this results when a person eats food containing pathogens, which then produce illness causing toxins in the intestines
What are some basic characteristics of a bacteria that causes foodborne illnesses living single celled organism,can be carried by food water soil animal human or insects, can reproduce very rapidly under favorable conditions.
What do characteristics do some bacteria have survive freezing,change into a different form called spores to protect themselves, spoil food and cause illness, produce toxins that cause illness
What are spores and how do they form they can form when nutrients are not available, they are commonly found in soil and contaminate food grown there,
what can spores contaminate meat,poultry,fish, and other food exposed to soil or dust
what can spores resist heat allowing them to survive cooking temperature
When can spores revert back to forms capable of growth when food is not stored at the proper temperature, and if it is not held or cooled properly
what foods are associated with the illness campylobacteriosis poultry, and water contaminated with the bacteria
Created by: blackfirelx on 2013-01-04

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