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Chapter 19 Sandwichs

Chapter 19 Vocab and Information

What sandwiches have two slices of bread with filling in between them? Closed sandwiches
What sandwiches are not put together after they are prepared? Open-face sandwiches
What sandwiches include three slices of bread with filling in between? Triple-Decker sandwiches
What sandwiches are typically small and used for appetizers? Finger sandwiches
What sandwiches are soft flat breads and are usaually folded? Wraps
What spreads keep wet filling from soaking into the bread? Butter and Mayonnaise
What doese butter do to a sandwich? It adds a smooth rich flavor
What are 7 types of common fillings for sandwiches? Chicken, turkey, beef, pork, ham, eggs, and tuna
Why should tomatos and onions be evenly sliced? It is more appealing for the sandwich
What is the main source of protien in vegetarian sandwiches? Cheese
What are examples of a hot sandwich? Grilled ham and cheese or hot barbecued chicken
What is a salad sandwich? A sandwich made with a fatty dressing
What is a club sandwich? Has sliced cooked turkey and ham, or bacon.
What sandwiches are usually cut into forths? Triple-Decker sandwiches
Why should garnishes for cold sandwiches be seleected carefully? They will impact the appearance of the plate and the texture and flavor of the sandwich.
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