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history lesson 5

the reformation

95 Theses arguments for reform in the Chruch in Rome
Martin Luther a German monk that hung the 95 Theses to the cathedral door in Wittenburg, Germany
indulgences a forgiveness of sins that is sold by the church
Pope Leo X pope when the reformation began
Reformation a movement to reform the chruch in Europe
Protestants Germans that sided with Martin Luther and left the church
Henry VIII king of England in 1509 to 1547 and founder of the church of England(supported the pope)
Johannes Gutenberg in 1455 he changed the way books where produced in Europe by inventing the movable type and the printing press
Elizabeth I queen of England in 1558 to 1603, father was Henry VIII, mother was Anne Boleyn
Ignatius of Loyola Grew up in a castle in Loyola, Spain, Became soldier for Spain but became injured so became "soldier of Christ"(priest) founded the Society of Jesus(Jesuits)
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