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Test 2 - NRAD

Wrist and hand

What are the views in the standard wrist series? 1.PA wrist 2.Medial Oblique Wrist 3.Lateral Wrist
In the PA wrist what 2 carpal bones overlap? trapezium and trapezoid
***Avascular Necrosis of Lunate (aka Kienbock Disease) is associated with which Ulnar Variance (positive or negative)? It's associated with Negative Ulnar Variance
T/F there is overlap b/w the trapezium and the trapezoid in a medial oblique view? false, there is no overlap in medial oblique wrist, just the PA wrist
75% of fractures in the wrist is in which bone? Scaphoid, Trapezius is 2nd
Which carpal is the the most proximal bone? Lunate
In a Lateral Wrist view, which 3 bones should form a straight line? the 3rd metacarpal, capitate, and lunate
Which carpal bone(s)is the 1st to appear? Capitate and Hamate
In the wrist, what is potentially not visualized or displaced following trauma? Pronator Quadratus Fat Stripe
List 2 accessory views of the wrist? 1.PA wrist with ulnar deviation 2.Carpal tunnel projection
What are the 3 arcs of Carpal alignment? 1.Along proximal aspect of proximal row 2.along distal aspect of proximal row 3.along proximal aspect of distal row
***The joint spaces b/w the carpal bones should not exceed ____mm? 2mm
The distal radio-ulna joint space should not exceed ____mm? 2mm
What two carpal bones are most commonly fused? Lunate and Triquetrum
Normally the unla should be no more than ____mm shorter than the radius? 1-2mm
***What is it called when there is delayed growth of medial distal radius? Madelung's Deformity
***T/F "Bayonnette" appearance is a xray finding, whereas Madelung's Deformity is a clinical sign of delayed growth of medial-distal radius? False bayoneette = clinical sign, Madelung's Deformity is the xray fiding
There is a Madelung's Deformity when the carpal angle is greater than _____ degrees? greater tan 117 degrees
Created by: pcc Normal Rad on 2007-11-13

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