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final exam words

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Ural Mountains   separate the Northern European and West Siberian plains. recognized as the dividing line between Europe and Asia.  
Chernozem   black topsoil, one of the world's most fertile soil. (Russia and the Republics) The Northern European Plain contains chernozem, ocurring 3 ft deep, which many of the region's agricultural areas are located on this plain.  
Volga River   the longest river in the European continent and drains the Caspian Sea. It begins near Moscow aadn flows southward for about 2,300 mi. This important waterway carries about 60% of Russia's river traffic.  
Lake Baikal   deepest lake in the world, 1 mile from surface to bottom, stretches 400 mi, and thousands of speacies of plants, and animals.  
Siberia   part of Russia that lies on the continent of Asia. The frigid, subarctic region makes it difficult to remove resources from the ground and take them to markets. When resources are taken out it causes environmental, and economic damages.  
Continentality   a region's distance form the moderating influence of the sea. it affects the amount of precipitation and the temperatures of the region, which affect the climate of the people  
Permafrost   a layer of permanently frozen subsoil. causes lakes and rivers to freeze and are used as roads  


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Created by: DanielaCavallo