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Prescription, Prescription (SIG codes), Routes of Administration

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

ADR   adverse drug reaction  
AWP   average wholesale price  
C-I, C-II, C-III, C-IV, C-V   classes of controlled substances  
cmpd or cpd   compound  
conc   concentration  
D/C, DC   discontinue or discharge  
DAW   dispense as written  
disp.   dispense  
DUR   drug utilization review  
EC   enteric coated  
elix   elixer  
FDA   food drug administration  
fl   fluid  
NKA   no known allergies  
NPO   nothing by mouth  
OTC   over the counter  
ped   pediatric  
Rx   prescription  
soln   solution  
syr   syrup  
ac   before meals  
AD   right ear  
ad lib   as desired  
AS   left ear  
ASAP   as soon as possible  
AU   each or both ears  
bid, BID   twice a day  
c   with  
DS   double strength  
hr   hour  
hs   at bedtime/hour of sleep  
MR   may repeat  
NS   normal saline  
OD   right eye  
OS   left eye  
OU   both eyes  
pc   after meals  
prn   as needed  
q, Q   every  
qam, QAM   every morning  
qd, QD   every day  
qh, QH   every hour  
qhs, QHS   every night at bedtime  
qid, QID   four times a day  
qod, QOD   every other day  
qpm, QPM   every evening  
s   without  
tid, TID   three times a day  
u.d., UT. diet   as directed  
w, wk   every week or weekly  
a   before  
aa   of each  
abd   abdominal  
achs, AC   before meals and at bedtime  
AIDS   aquired immunodefiency syndrome  
am   morning/before noon  
amp   ampule  
APAP   acetaminophen  
aq, H2O   water  
ASA   asprin  
atc, ATC   around the clock  
BC, BCP   birth control (pills)  
BM   bowel movement  
BP   blood pressure  
BS   blood sugar  
cap   capsule  
carb   carbohydrate  
cm   centimeter  
CR   controlled release  
d   give  
DEA   drug enforcement agency  
decr   decrease  
DTD, dtd   dispense of such doses  
DUE   drug utilization evaluation  
Dx, diag.   diagnosis  
D5LR   5% dextrose in Lactated Ringer's  
D5W   5% dextrose in water  
D5NS   5% dextrose + Normal Saline (0.9% NaC1)  
D5 1/2NS   5% dextrose + Normal Saline (0.45% NaC1)  
D5 1/4NS   5% dextrose + Normal Saline (0.22% NaC1)  
D10W   10% dextrose in water  
ER   extended release  
EtOH   ethyl alcohol, ethanol  
ext   extract  
f, ft   make  
g, gm   gram  
GI   gastrointestinal  
gr   grain  
gtt   drop  
HA, ha   headache  
HCTZ   hydrochlorothiazide  
HIV   human immunodeficiency virus  
HMO   health maintenance organization  
HR   heart rate  
H2O2   hydrogen peroxide  
Hx   history  
IA   intra-arterial  
IC   intracardiac  
ICU   intensive care unit  
incr   increase  
inj   injection  
kg   kilogram  
L, l   liter  
l   left  
LAS   label as such  
lb   pound  
liq   liquid  
LOA   leave of absence  
Legend   prescription medication  
M   mix  
M, m   meter  
mcg   microgram  
mg   milligram  
mEq   milliequivalent  
m. ft.   mix and make  
mixt   mixture  
mL   milliliter  
mm   millimeter  
MOM   milk of magnesia  
MVI   multi-vitamin injection  
Na   sodium  
NaC1   sodium chloride  
NaHCO3   sodium bicarbonate  
NKDA   no known drug allergies  
no   number  
noct   night  
non rep, NR   no refills  
1/2 NS   half-normal saline (0.45% NaC1)  
1/4 NS   quarter-normal saline (0.22% NaC1)  
NSAID   nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug  
NTG   nitroglycerin  
N & V   nuasea and vomiting  
OBRA   omnibus budget reconciliation act  
once, X1   one time dose  
oph, ophth   opthalmic  
OR   operating room  
otic   ear  
oz   ounce  
P   pulse  
p   after  
pchs, PC   after meals and at bedtime  
PCN   penicillin  
PEFR   peak expiratory flow rate, peak flow  
per   by  
PM   afternoon, evening  
post   after  
post op   after surgery  
post partum   after delivery  
PPI   patient package insert  
PPO   preferred provider organization  
pre op   before surgery  
PR, pr   rectally  
pulv.   a powder  
q.s. adm, qs   add to the amount needed  
q wk   every week  
r   right  
BDC   red blood cells  
rect, rec   rectal, per rectum  
RR   recovery room  
SC, sq, sub-q   subcutaneous  
sig   directions, label as such  
s.l., sl   sublingual  
sos   if needed  
SR   sustained release  
ss   1/2 (one-half)  
STAT   immediately, now, at once  
supp, suppos   suppository  
surg   surgery  
susp.   suspension  
SWI, SWFI   sterile water, sterile water for injection  
T   temperature  
tab   tablet  
tbsp.   tablespoon  
TCN   tetracycline  
T.O.   telephone order  
top.   topically, locally  
TPN   total parental nutrition  
tsp.   teaspoon  
Tr, tinct   tincture  
Tx   treatment  
ung, oint   ointment  
units, u, U   units  
URI   upper resperatory infection  
UTI   urinary tract infection  
vag. (PV)   vaginal, per vagina  
vit   vitamin  
VO   verbal order  
WA, W/A   while awake  
WBC   white blood cells  
i   one  
ii   two  
iii   three  
iv   four  
v   five  
JCAHO   joint commission on accreditation of healthcare organizations  
KCI   potassium chloride  
LRI   lower respiratory infection  
tinct   tincture  
cc   cubic centimeter  
kl   killoliter  
ss   half  
ADD   attention deficit disorder  
ADHD   attention deficit hyperactivity disorder  
Ca   calcium  
CHF   conjestive heart failure  
Fe   iron  
H2O2   hydrogen peroxide  
K   potassium  
MCO   manage care organization  
Na   sodium  


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