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Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

propitious   favorable;fortunate;advantageous  
proponent   supporter  
propriety   fitness;correct conduct  
prosaic   dull & unimaginative;matter-of-fact;factual  
proscenium   part of stage infront of curtain  
proscribe   ostracize;banish;outlaw  
proselytize   induce someone to convert to a religion or belief  
prosody   the science or study of poetic meters & versification  
prostrate   stretch out full on ground  
protean   versatile;able to take on many forms  
protege   person receiving protection and support from patron  
protract   prolong  
provenance   origin or source of something  
provender   dry food;fodder  
provident   diplaying foresight;thrifty;preparing for emergencies  
proviso   stipulation;condition  
prowess   extraordinary ability;military bravery  
prude   excessively modest or proper person  
prudent   cautious;careful  
prurient   having or causing lustful thoughts and desires  
pry   inquire impertinently;use leverage to use or open something  
pseudonym   pen name  
psyche   soul;mind  
puerile   childish  
pugilist   boxer  
pugnacity   combativeness;disposition to fight  
puissant   powerful;strong;potent  
pulchritude   physical beauty;comeliness  
pulverize   crush or grind into very small particles  
pummel   beat or pound with fists  
punctilious   stressing nicesities of conduct or form;minutely attentive to fine forms  
pundit   authority on a subject;expert;learned person  
punitive   punishing  
puny   insignificant;tiny;weak  
purchase   firm grasp or footing  
purgatory   place of temporary punishment, suffering, expiation  
purge   remove or get rid of something unwanted;free from blame or guilt;cleanse or purify  
purport   intention;meaning  
purported   alleged;claimed;reputed or remored  
purse   pucker;contract into wrinkles  
purveyor   furnisher of food stuffs;caterer  
pusillanimous   cowardly;fainthearted  
putative   supposed;reputed  
pylon   marking post to guide avaitors;steel towers supporting cables or telephone lines  
pyromaniac   person with an insane desire to set things on fire  
quaff   drink with relish  
quagmire   soft,wet,boggy land;complex or dangerous situation from which it is difficult to free oneself  
quail   cower;lose heart  
quaint   odd;old-fashioned;picturesque  
qualified   limited;restricted  
qualms   misgivings;uneasy fears,esp abt matters of conscience  
quandary   dilemma  
quarry   victim,objectof hunt//dig into  


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Created by: physio_sambit