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Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

What does ABC stand for   Atansoff and Berry Computer  
What does ENIAC stand for and what was it used for   Elctronic Numerical Integration and Calculator and to calculate the trajectory of artillery shells  
Who was the transistor made by   William Shockley John Bardeen and Walter Brittain of Bell Laboratories  
What are the three kinds of languages for a computer   fortran, cobol, and basic  
What was Model 650   The first Medium sized computer which was expensive and made in the early 1960's  
What are some advantages of The Second Generation Computers.   They are smaller, less expensive and they calculate speeds up to 10,000 times per second  
What does edvac stand for   Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer  
What does Edsac stand for   Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Computer  
what does univac stand for   universal Automatic Computer  
Who was the inventor of the univac   Mauchly and Eckert  
Who was it first sold to   the U.S. Bureau in 1951  
Disadvantage of model 650   Expensive  
What is another advantage of second generation computers   they can handle a flood of paperwork  
What is the IBM 360   one of the first systems to use integrated circuits  
Advantages of IBM   Popular amoung business, less expnesive, Smaller size  
who invented microprocessor   Marcian hoff  
advantage of microprocessor   it can fit on a desk  
Who found microsoft   Bill gates  
what was the first microprocessor   Altair  
Who invented and designed the first apple computer   Stephen Wozniak, Stephen Jobs  
who could afford the first generation computers   rich people  
the stored program was know as the   univac  
list three types of programming languages   fortran basic cobol  
what was the major contribution to the second genertaion   the transistor  
what replaced transistors   ic  


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Created by: coltonCB502