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7 Geography - Map, Globe, Graph Skills

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Bar Graph   Uses data in X-axis (down) and Y-axis (across) to compare  
Line Graph   Plots (shows with lines on points) changes in data over time  
Equator   Divides the Earth into northern and southern hemispheres; shown horizontally (left to right), and is zero (0) degrees latitude  
Prime Meridian   Divides the Earth into eastern and western hemispheres; shown vertically (up and down), and is zero (0) degrees longitude  
Map Title   Read First - Tells map location and may give other information  
Key or Legend   Show symbols and use of color on the map  
Scale   Shows the distance ratio on a map(written:actual); for example, 1 map unit = 250,000 actual units  
Compass Rose   Shows Cardinal Directions: north, south, east, west. May include Intermediate Directions (those between cardinal)  
Latitude   Lines that show distance north or south of the equator and are drawn from east to west on the map  
Longitude   Lines that show distance east or west of the prime meridian and are drawn from north to south on the map.  
Absolute Location   Where Latitude and longitude lines intersect (come together) and show an exact location on the Earth.  
Contour maps   Shows lines that connect elevation points on a map.  
Hemisphere   Shows half of the Earth, such as northern, southern, eastern, and western  


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Created by: brammerkm