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Mega Memory Pictures for the Books fo the New Testament

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Mathew   Rat  
Mark   Monkey  
Luke   Stethoscope  
John   giraffe  
Acts   Hatchet  
Romans   Rinoceros  
First Corinthians   Blue Ribon and Crown  
Second Corinthians   Clock and Crown  
Galatians   Alligator  
Ephesians   Fish  
Philipians   Swimming flippers  
Colossians   Cow  
First Thessalonians   Blue ribbon, and a Thistle  
Second Thessalonians   Clock and a Thistle  
First Timothy   Blue ribbon and a Dog  
Second Timothy   Clock and a Dog  
Titus   Syringe  
Philemon   A File  
Hebrews   Tea Pot  
James   Stretch Limo  
First Peter   Blue Ribbon and a Rabit  
Second Peter   Clock and a Rabit  
First John   Blue Ribbon and Geraffe  
Second John   Clock and a Geraffe  
Third John   Bird and a Geraffe  
Jude   Grass Hopper  
Revalation   Race Car  


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Created by: Teacher Mom