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Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

a.c   before meals  
p.c   after meals  
AD   right ear  
AS   left ear  
OD   right eye  
OS   left eye  
OU   both eyes  
p.o   by mouth  
N.P.O   nothing by mouth  
s   without  
P.R.N   as desired/ as necessary/ as needed  
STAT   immidiately  
o.d/ q.d   daily/ everyday  
h.   hour  
q.h   every hour  
h.s   at bedtime  
b.i.d   twice a day  
t.i.d   three times a day  
q,i,d   four times a day  
q.o.d   every other day  
Kg.   kilogram  
mg.   milligram  
ml.   millilitre  
Gm.   gram  
liq.   liquid  
gt.   drop  
gtt.   drops  
Elix.   elixir  
oz.   ounce  
tsp.   teaspoon  
tbsp.   tablespoon  
tab   tablet  
L   litre  
Cap   capsule  
sol.   solution  
tr.   tincture  
ung.   ointment  
Rx   treatment  
IM   intramuscular  
IV   intravenous  
OTC   over the counter  
AA   affected area(s)  
AD   in the right ear  
AL   in the left ear  
APP   apply  
APSP   apply sparingly  
AU   in each ear  
BA   before appointment  
BID   twice a day  
BM   bowel movement  
BP   blood pressure  
CAP   capsule  
CAPS   capsules  
CC   with meal  
CF   with food  
CPL   caplet  
F10D   for ten days  
F7D   for seven days  
F14D   for fourteen days  
G   give  
HA   headache  
HS   at bedtime  
IEN   in each nostril  
IM   intramuscularly  
INH   inhale  
IV   intraveniously  
OD   into the right eye  
OL   into the left eye  
OU   into both eyes  
PC   after meals  
PF   puff  
PFS   puffs  
PO   by mouth  
TTL   twist to load  
S&S   swish and swallow  
DY   daily  
PL   place  
PR   into the rectum  
PRNP   as needed for pain  
QH   every hour  
Q12H   every twelve hours  
Q4-6H   every four to six hours  
Q4H   every four hours  
Q6H   every six hours  
Q8H   every eight hours  
QAM   every morning  
QID   four times a day  
QOD   every other day  
SG   swish and gargle  
SL   sublingual (under the tongue)  
SOB   shortness of breath  
SP   sparingly  
SPR   spray  
SQ   subcutaniously  
SS   one half  
SUPP   suppository  
SW   shake well  
T   take  
TAB   tablet  
TABS   tablets  
TID   three times a day  
TUSS   for cough  
TOP   topically  
UD   as directed  
UF   until finished  
UNWR   unwrap and insert  
WA   while away  


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Created by: kayleesladedear