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Airport City Code Quiz 4

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

OKC   Oklahoma City  
TUL   Tulsa  
EUG   Eugene  
PDX   Portland International Airport  
ABE   Allentown  
PHL   Philadelphia  
PIT   Pittsburgh  
AVP   Scranton  
PVD   Providence - T.F. Green Airport  
CHS   Charleston  
CAE   Columbia  
MYR   Myrtle Beach  
FSD   Sioux Falls  
CHA   Chattanooga  
TYS   Knoxville  
MEM   Memphis  
BNA   Nashville  
AMA   Amarillo  
AUS   Austin Bergstrom International Airport  
CRP   Corpus Christi  
DFW   Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport  
DAL   Dallas Love Field Airport  
ELP   El Paso  
HOU   Houston, William B Hobby Airport  
IAH   Houston, George Bush Intercontinental Airport  
LBB   Houston, George Bush Intercontinental Airport  
MAF   Midland  
SAT   San Antonio International Airport  
SLC   Salt Lake City  
BTV   Burlington  


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Created by: shing