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Geo. Vocab.

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Policy   a plan that includes an overall goal goal and the kinds of actions the are ok to take in order to achieve the goal  
Foreign Policy   a country's strategy for dealing with other countries  
National Interests   all the things a country believes would be for its benifit  
Internationalism   a country chooses to get involved with other countries problems when there is great need  
Isolationism   a country focuses on its own problems and does not get involved in other countries issues  
Conflict   when you disagree or quarrel with someone  
Cooperation   when you agree or work with someone  
International Conflict   when countries disagree  
International Cooperation   when countries have something to gain by working together to solve problems  
Conditions   in order for countries to come into conflict or cooperation with each other or cercomstances that cause  
Motivations   the reason for goals that cause a country to act  
Actions   conflict and cooperation occur when conditions and motivations push countries toward military, political, or a combination  
Orgna   groups of people, businesses, or goverments that work together to solve an issue  
International Organizatons   goverments or people form different countries working together to solve an issue that crosses both counties boarders  
Intergovermental Organizations   organizations that are formed between governments  
Nongovermental Organizations   groups that work to solve problems around the world ( they are not connected to any goverment )  


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Created by: s730652