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Social Studies

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Greatest precipitation in GA   Blue Ridge  
Starting point of Savanna and Chattahooche rivers   Blue Ridge  
Brasstown Bald (highest point in GA)   Blue Ridge  
Apple capitals (Ellijay and Gilmore county)   Blue Ridge  
Named for blue tips of mountains   Blue Ridge  
limestone and granite   Blue Ridge  
Fort Mountain State Park   Valley and Ridge  
Cherokee homes   Valley and Ridge  
Carpet capital of the world (Dalton)   Valley and Ridge  
New Echota (first capital of Cherokee Nation)   Valley and Ridge  
James Vann- First principal chief of modern Cherokees (his home was the principal land)   Valley and Ridge  
Stonewall built by native americans   Valley and Ridge  
Appalachian Mountains that go from GA to Canada   Appalachian Plateau  
lookout mountain "Lovers Leap"   Appalachian Plateau  
Sand mountain and lookout mountain are transition point between Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia *TAG*   Appalachian Plateau  
Cloudland canyon- deep gorge with waterfalls   Appalachian Plateau  
tufting (method that makes carpets)   valley and ridge  
Worlds busiest airport (Hartsfield Jackson)   Piedmont  
Ga heartland   Piedmont  
"foot of the mountain"   Piedmont  
Delta headquarters   Piedmont  
MLK birthplace   Piedmont  
I85, I75, and I20 connect in downtown ATL   Piedmont  
Olympics held here in 1996; improved ecomony   Piedmont  
Stone Mountain *carvings of confederates*   Piedmont  
Home of UGA, Emory, and GA tech *major universities*   Piedmont  
GA red clay   Piedmont  
Hi- Tech jobs = high population   Piedmont  
CDC headquarters   Piedmont  
half of population in this region   Piedmont  
fall line between piedmont and this region   coastal plain  
inner and outer sections of this region   coastal plain  
warm springs (constant 88 degrees)   coastal plain  
little white house   coastal plain  
cotton fields (most widely grown crop in GA)   coastal plain  
Vidalia onions (state veggie, very sweet, famous worldwide, GA is only producer)   coastal plain  
Savanna, GA (first city and state capital bc of james oglethorpe)   coastal plain  
peanuts, pecans, and corn   coastal plain  
okefenokee swamp   coastal plain  


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Created by: jennah211