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East Asia

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

What is the highest population density of Korea, Japan, China, and Mongolia?   Japan  
What is the significance of Confucius?   Philosopher that had an influence on East Asia  
What are the effects of high population density in Japan?   Vertical architecture, crowded streets, and efficient housing  
How is Buddhism represented?   "The Enlightened One"  
What are the teachings of Confucius?   Polite, Honest, Brave, Wise  
Who has the most political power in Middle East countries?   Men  
What type of governments do China, Japan, North Korea, and South Korea have?   Communist, Constitutional Monarchy, Communist, Republic  
Why is Japan an "Industrial Giant"?   Offers a variety of manufactured goods of high quality  
What influenced Japan to change from an isolationist market to a more open market?   Pressure was brought on by America  
What caused the Korea to split into two separate types of governments?   Post WWII control by America and Russia  
Describe North and South Korea's economy.   Command economies and free trade  
Why is North Korea's economy weaker than South Korea's economy?   Lack of modern equipment and power shortages  
What are some results of Japan's population density?   Crowded transportation, Underground architecture, Natural disasters  
Define "Population Density".   The measurement of population per square mile  
What land form makes up most of Japan?   Mountains  
What is the significance of the Yangtze and Yellow River?   Offers rich farmland by flooding banks and Waterways  


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Created by: Felicis