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Education Test 1 Review Notecards

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Strengths of D Personality   Strong-Willed; Determined; Independent; Optimistic; Practical; Productive; Decisive; Leader; Confident  
Weakness of D Personality   Angry; Cruel; Sarcastic; Domineering; Inconsiderate; Proud; Crafty; Self-Sufficient; Unemotional  
Under Control D Personality   Courageous; Quick to Respond; Goal-Oriented; Results-Oriented; Deliberate; Self-Confident; Direct; Self-Reliant; Straightforward; Competitive  
Out of Control D Personality   Reckless; Rude; Impatient; Pushy; Dictatorial; Conceited; Offensive; Arrogant; Abrasive; Ruthless  
What % of population is D personality?   10%  
Examples of D Personality   Bobby Knight, Donald Trump, Judge Judy  
Basic Needs of D Personality   Challenge, Choice, Control  
D Types Like...   Activity; Bigness; Challenge; Competition; Doing Things; Hard work; Major productions; To be in charge; To fight; Violence  
D Types...   Can be critical of poorly performed tasks; Run roughshod over people; Complete amazing amounts of work; Wrongly believe approval & encouragement lead to complacency; Need to learn to delegate responsibility  
D Types Are...   Goal-Oriented; Hard to please; Industrious; Performance conscious; Self-confident; Firm  
D Types Don't Like...   Indecision; Lazy people; Slow activities; Slow People; Talkers who don't produce; Taking orders  
D Types Want You To Be...   Quick; Specific; To the point; a Winner  
Strengths of I Personality   Friendly; Compassionate; Carefree; Talkative; Outgoing; Enthusiastic; Warm; Personable; Fun  
Weaknesses of I Personality   Weak-Willed; Unstable; Undisciplined; Restless; Loud; Undependable; Egocentric; Exaggerative; Frivolous  
Under Control I Personality   Optimistic; Persuasive; Excited; Communicative; Spontaneous; Outgoing; Expressive; Involved; Imaginative; Warm/Friendly  
Out of Control I Personality   Unrealistic; Manipulative; Emotional; Gossip; Impulsive; Unfocused; Excitable; Directionless; Daydreaming; Purposeless  
I Types Like...   Exposure to people; Lots of activity; Making people happy; Making people laugh; Selling...while they play; Short-term projects; To be on the go; Prestige  
I Types...   Can be "higher than a kite"/"lower than a skunk"; Have a lot of friends; Need self-discipline; Wrongly believe that talking & doing are synonymous  
I Types Are...   Fun to watch; Great starters; Poor finishers; Likable; Prone to exaggerate; Easily excitable  
I Types Don't Like...   Being ignored; Being ridiculed; Being isolated; Doing repetitive tasks  
I Types Want You To Be...   Fun; Responsive; Stimulating; Positive; Upbeat; Enthusiastic  
Strengths of S Personality   Calm; Dependable; Easygoing; Trustworthy; Efficient; Practical; Conservative; Diplomatic; Humorous  
Weaknesses of S Personality   Stingy; Fearful; Indecisive; Spectator; Self-Protective; Unmotivated; Selfish; Timid; Shy  
Under Control S Personality   Relaxed; Reliable; Cooperative; Stable; Good Listener; Single-Minded; Steadfast; Soft-Hearted; Systematic; Amiable  
Out of Control S Personality   Lacking Initiative; Dependent; a Sucker; Indecisive; Uncommunicative; Inflexible; Resistant to Change; Easily Manipulated; Slow; Resentful  
S Types Like...   Peace; Stabilizing Things; To Wait; Friendly Environments; To Finish the Job; Teamwork  
S Types...   Are motivated by helping others; Are seldom in a hurry; Need lots of appreciation; Will support you; Stay with proven methods; Are sentimental  
What % of Population is I Personality?   25-30%  
Examples of I Personality   Steve Martin; Lucille Ball; Oprah  
Basic Need of I Personality   Recognition & Approval  
What % of Population is S Personality?   30-35%  
Examples of S Personality   Andy Griffith; Aunt Bea  
Basic Need of S Personality   Appreciation & Security  
S Types Are...   Easily manipulated; Reluctant decision makers; Sweetest people in the world; Loyal friends; Poor starters; Great finishers  
S Types Don't Like...   Insensitivity; Misunderstandings; Surprises; To be yelled at; Saracsm; Being pushed  
S Types Want You to Be...   Kind ("not harsh"); Pleasant; Patient; Understanding  
Strengths of C Personality   Gifted; Analytical; Sensitive; Perfectionistic; Aesthetic; Idealistic; Loyal; Self-Sacrificing; Thorough  
Weaknesses of C Personality   Self-Centered; Moody; Critical; Negative; Rigid; Theoretical; Impractical; Unsociable; Revengeful  
Under Control C Personality   Orderly; Logical; Intense; Curious; Teachable; Cautious; Correct; Questioning; Conscientious; Precise  
Out of Control C Personality   Compulsive; Critical; Unsociable; Prying; Easily Offended; Fearful; Inflexible; Doubtful; Worrisome; Picky  
What % of Population is C Personality?   20-25%  
Examples of C Personality   Bill Gates; Diane Sawyer  
Basic Need of C Personality   Quality Answers & Value  
C Types Like...   Consistency; Creativity; Detail; Perfection  
C Types...   Have good imaginations; Have lots of questions; Tend to irritate people; Usually have high IQ's  
C Types Are...   Impossible to satisfy; Logical; Meticulous; Self-sacrificing  
C Types Don't Like...   Being criticized; Mistakes; Sudden changes; Unnecessary interruptions  
C Types Want You to Be...   Accomodating; Accurate; Accountable; Analytical  
What Question Do D Personalities Ask?   WHAT?  
What Question Do I Personalities Ask?   WHO?  
What Question Do S Personalities Ask?   HOW?  
What Question Do C Personalities Ask?   WHY?  
What color represents D?   Green  
What color represents I?   Red  
What color represents S?   Blue  
What color represents C?   Yellow  
What animal represents D?   Doberman  
What animal represents I?   Fluffy Puppy  
What animal represents S?   Cat  
What animal represents C?   Tropical Fish  
What car represents D?   Mercedes; Cadillac  
What car represents I?   Convertible  
What car represents S?   Van; Station Wagon  
What car represents C?   Toyota; Honda  
What is D's motto?   "Go for it!"  
What is I's motto?   "Lighten Up!"  
What is S's motto?   "All for one...one for all!"  
What is C's motto?   "If something can go wrong, it will!"  
What is D's Philosophy?   "I want it yesterday!"  
What is I's Philosophy?   "Let the good times roll!"  
What is S's Philosophy?   "Working together, we can do it!"  
What is C's Philosophy?   "Don't show all your cards!"  
What is D's Target?   "Ready... Fire... Aim!"  
What is I's Target?   "Ready... Aim... Talk!"  
What is S's Target?   "Ready... Ready... Ready..."  
What is C's Target?   "Ready... Aim... Aim... Aim..."  
What is the emotion associated with the D personality?   Anger  
What is the emotion associated with the I personality?   Trust  
What is the emotion associated with the S personality?   No Emotion  
What is the emotion associated with the C personality?   Fear  
If you want to gather _______, don't kick over the _________   Honey; Beehive  
Don't _____, _____, or ______.   Criticize; Condemn; Complain  
The big secret of dealing with people   Give honest & sincere appreciation  
He who can do this has the whole world with him. He who cannot walks a lonely way. What is THIS?   Arouse in the other person an eager want  
Do this & you'll be welcome anywhere   Become genuinely interested in other people  
What's a simple way to make a good first impression?   Smile  
If you don't do this, you're headed for trouble. A person's name is what?   The sweetest & most important sound in any language  
An easy way to become a good conversationalist   Be a good listener & encourage others to talk about themselves  
How to interest people?   Talk in terms of other people's interests  
How to make people like you instantly?   Make the other person feel important, & do it sincerely.  
You can't _____ an argument   Win  
The only way to get the best of an argument is how?   To avoid it  
A sure way of making enemies; how to avoid it   Tell others they're wrong; Show respect for others' opinions, never say "you're wrong"  
If you're wrong, _____ it.   Admit; Admit it quickly & empathetically  


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