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100 Most Useful Words in Turkish

Good morning, good day Günaydın gew-nahy-DUHN
Good evening İyi akşamlar EE ahk-shahm-LAHR
Good night İyi geceler EE geh-jeh-LEHR
Goodbye Allaha ısmarladık ah-LAHS-mahr-lah-duhk
Bon voyage Güle güle gew-LEH gew-LEH
What is your name? Adınız ne? AH-duh-NUHZ neh
My name is… Adım… Ah-DUHM…
How are you? Nasılsınız? NAHS-suhl-suh-nuhz
I'm fine, thank you. İyiyim, teşekkür ederim. ee-YEE-yihm, tesh-ek-KEWR eh-dehr-eem
Pardon me Affedersiniz, pardon af-feh-DEHR-see-neez, pahr-DOHN
Yes/no Evet/hayır eh-VEHT/HAH-yuhr
Please. Lütfen. LEWT-fehn
Help yourself. Buyurun(uz). BOOY-roon-(ooz)
Thanks. Teşekkürler. Sağ ol. Mersi. teh-sheh-kewr-LEHR. SOWL. mehr-SEE.
You're welcome. Bir şey değil. beer SHEHY deh-YEEL
Friend Arkadaş Ar-kah-DAHSH
What? Ne? NEH
How? Nasıl? NAH-suhl
Who? Kim? KEEM
Why? Niçin, neden? NEE-cheen, NEH-dehn
When? Ne zaman? NEH zah-mahn
Which one? Hangisi? HAHN-gee-see
What's this? Bu ne? BOO neh
How much/many? Kaç/kaç tane? KAHCH/tah-neh
What does it mean? Ne demek? NEH deh-mehk
Give me ... ... bana verin bah-NAH veh-reen
I want ... ... istiyorum eess-tee-YOH-room
...this ...bu(nu)
...that ...shoo(NOO)
...the other ...o(nu) ...oh(NOO)
hot/cold sıcak/soğuk suh-JAHK/soh-OOK
big/small büyük/küçük bew-YEWK/kew-CHEWK
new/old yeni/eski yeh-NEE/ehss-KEE
open/closed açık/kapalı ah-CHUHK/kah-pah-LUH
not ... ... değil deh-YEEL
It exists/doesn't exist Var/yok VAHR/YOHK
And/or Ve/veya VEH/veh-YAH
Good/bad İyi/fenah EE-ee/ feh-NAH
Beautiful/ugly Güzel/çirkin gew-ZEHL/cheer-KEEN
Where is a/the ... ? ... nerede? NEH-reh-deh
__railway station __Gar/istasyon __GAHR, ees-tah-SYOHN
__bus station __Otogar __OH-toh-gahr
__cheap hotel __Ucuz bir otel __oo-JOOZ beer oh-TEHL
__toilet __Tuvalet __too-vah-LEHT
__restaurant __Lokanta __loh-KAHN-tah
__post office __Postane, PTT __POHSS-tah-neh, peh-teh-TEH
Room Oda OH-dah
Shower Duş DOOSH
Bath Banyo BAHN-yo
Turkish bath Hamam Hah-MAHM
Soap Sabun Sah-BOON
Toilet paper Tuvalet kâğıdı too-vah-LEHT kyaah-uh-duh
Hot water Sıcak su Suh_JAHK soo
Luggage Bagaj Bah-GAHZH
Clean Temiz The-MEEZ
Laundry Çamasır Chah-mah-SHUR
Light(s) Işık(lar) Uh-SHUK (uh-shuk-LAHR)
Money Para PAH-rah
Water Su SOO
Tea Çay CHAH-yee
street, avenue sokak, cadde(si) soh-KAHK, JAHD-deh
Left/right Sol/ sağ SOHL/SAAH
straight (on) doğru doh-ROO
Here/there/over there Burada/ BOO-rah-dah/
şurada/ SHOO-rah-dah/
orada OH-rah-dah
Near/far Yakın/uzak yah-KUHN/oo-ZAHK
map harita HAH-ree-TAH
ticket bilet bee-LEHT
one-way/round- trip gidiş/gidiş-dönüş gee-DEESH/ gee-DEESH-dur-NEWRSH
airplane uçak oo-CHAHK
airport havaalanı Hah-VAH-ah-lah-nuh
train tren TREHN
ship gemi GEH-mee
bus otobüs Oh-toh-BEWSS
car araba AH-rah-bah
Day, daily gün, hergün GURN, HEHR-gurn
today bugün BOO-gurn
tomorrow yarın YAHR-uhn
week hafta hahf-TAH
Sunday Pazar pah-ZAHR
Monday Pazartesi pah-ZAHR-teh-see
Tuesday Salı sah-LUH
Wednesday Çarsamba char-shahm-BAH
Thursday Persembe pehr-shehm-BEH
Friday Cuma joo-MAH
Saturday Cumartesi joo-MAHR-teh-see
month ay AH-yee
year sene, yıl SEH-neh, YUHL
January Ocak oh-JAHK
February Şubat shoo-BAHT
March Mart MAHRT
April Nisan nee-SAHN
May Mayıs mah-YUSS
June Haziran HAH-zee-RAHN
July Temmuz teh-MOOZ
August Ağustos AH-oo-STOHSS
September Eylül ehy-LEWL
October Ekim eh-KEEM
November Kasım kah-SUHM
December Aralık AH-rah-LUHK
Hello Merhaba MEHR-hah-bah
Created by: Turkish
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