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TURKISH BASIC COURSE Lessons 105 – 112

acele urgent
acıklı touching, sad
açmak (konuyu) to reveal
ağzı açık kalmak to gape with astonishment
aksi gitmek (işler) to meet with difficulties, to have some trouble
Allah muhafaza etsin! God forbid!
anlaşmak (-le) to come to an agreement
apartman dairesi apartment unit
araba vapuru ferry boat for cars
aralarını bozmak to create a rift between...
arası iyi olmamak not to be on good terms
asansör elevator
ataşe attache
bakmak (-e) to supervise
baş belası nuisance
başa çıkmak (-le) to cope with
başım dertte I am in trouble, I have got troubles
başımın belası my pain in the neck
belirtmek (-i) to explain
bıçaklamak (-i) to knife, to stab
bilmez (dönmek bilmez) he never (returns)
bir gecelik for one night
bitkin bir halde in an exhausted condition
borca girmek to go into debt
bu sebepten (bu yüzden) for this reason, because of this
canavar monster
ciğerlerine çekmek to inhale deeply
cip jeep (any four wheel drive or SUV)
çamur mud
çamura saplanmak to get stuck in the mud
çivilemek (-i) to nail
çocuk bakımı child care
çökmek to collapse
dalmak (içeri) to dive in, to rush in
dalmak (uykuya dalmak) (-e) to drop off (into sleep)
demirbaş eşya registered movable property, government issue items
dengesini kaybetmek to lose one’s balance
denize düşen yılana sarılır A drowning man will clutch at a snake
derin (geniş) bir nefes almak to give a sigh of relief
Dikkat! attention
dilekçe a written request
dönemeçli yol a winding road
eğlendirmek to amuse
el sallamak (-i) to wave (the hand) in farewell
elbet certainly, surely
ellemek (-i) to handle, to touch
etekleri zil çalmak to be wild with joy
fedakâr sacrificing
ferah spacious, roomy
fiyaka swagger, ostentation
fiyaka satmak to show off, to swagger
geçirmek (-i) to see somebody off
genel müdür director general
genişlemek to become wider
gerekmek to be necessary, to necessitate or require
giriş sınavları entrance examinations
gizlemek (-i) to hide
göz kamaştırmak (-i) to dazzle
güçlükle with difficulty
güven vermek (-e) to give confidence
haberci messenger
hafiflemek to become lighter, to abate, to decrease
hak right (lawful claim)
harıl harıl feverishly
Harp Okulu Military Academy
haşmet majesty, grandeur
hat line
havalanmak to take off (plane)
havale money order
Hay Allah! Darn it!
Hay hay (familiar) certainly, by all means
hayran hayran lost in admiration, lost in wonder
hayran olmak (-e) to be fillled with admiration
hayret etmek (-e) to be amazed at something or somebody
ifade expression
incelemek to examine, to investigate
ısırmak (– i) to bite
işletmek (-i) to operate, to get a machine or motor to work
ister istemez reluctantly
itmek (-i) to push
iyi ki it is a good thing that
iyilik favor
iyilik etmek to do someone a favor
iz trace, trail
izin kağıdı leave papers
kanat wing
kandırmak (-i) to persuade, to talk one into something
kapalı hava cloudy weather
kaplı (karla) covered (with snow)
kapora deposit
kara taktikleri army tactics
kayak ski
kayak kaymak to ski
kayak merkezi ski area
kayak takımı ski suit (ski pants & jacket)
kayakçılar skiers
kendini zor tutmak to refrain with difficulty from doing something
kiralık for rent
kiralık daire apartment (flat) for rent
kırk yılda bir once in a blue moon
kıvırcık curly (curly haired)
kıymetli valuable, worthy
koltuk armchair
konfor modern conveniences
konuşma conversation
kucaklaşmak (-le) to embrace one another
kurmay subay staff officer
kurulamak (-i) to dry
lakin but
levha sign
merkezi central
mola vermek to take a break
muharebe meydanı battle field
müracaat etmek to apply or inquire
müsaade istemek (-den) to ask permission
müthiş terrific
nasıl oldu da … (idiom) How did it happen that… How was it possible….
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
ne arıyor (idiom) What is he doing here?!
ne çıkar? What does it matter? What of it? So what?
nereden aklına geldi? Whatever made you think of it?
nitekim (aynı şekilde) just as (in the same way)
olumlu cevap an answer in the affirmative
oyuncak toy
ödünü koparmak (-in) (idiom) to scare someone to death
öğle noon
örtmek (-i) to cover
param parça etmek to fly apart
Paşam (my) general
peşin to pay in advance
pırıl pırıl parlamak to gleam, to be shining clean
pür telaş in a great hurry
rica request
sabunlamak (-i) to soap
sararmak (idiom) to turn pale, to fade, to turn yellow
savurmak (kar) (-i) to scatter (snow)
selamlamak (-i) to greet someone,
serinlemek to become cool
şirin cute
şirket company
sömestir tatili semester vacation
şuradan buradan bahsetmek to talk of this and that
takım komutanı platoon leader
tam size göre it is just the thing for you
tamam complete
tamamlamak (-i) to complete
taşlamak (-i) to stone
tatmin olmak to be satisfied
tazelemek (-i) to renew
tek başıma all by myself
teklif (öneri) proposal, suggestion, offer
telefon kulübesi telephone booth
telgraf havalesi telegraphic money order
temsilci representative
tercih etmek (-i) to prefer
terfi etmek to be promoted
teslim etmek to hand over, to turn in
tümgeneral major general
tutmak (ne kadar tutar (idiom)) to amount to, to come to
tuz biber ekmek (-e) (idiom) to make things worse, to reach a breaking point
tuzlamak (-i) to salt
uçak tutmak to get air sick
ültimatom ultimatum
Var ol! (idiom) Thank you very much!
yalvarmak (-e) to implore, to beg
yaşına basmak to reach the age of…
yetecek kadar enough, sufficient
yinelemek (-i) to repeat
yola koyulmak to be on one’s way, to start one’s trip
yüzü sararmak (idiom) to turn pale (face)
zaten nevertheless
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