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A&P I - CHPT 2

Chemistry of Life

What is the Normal pH range and setpoint for the internal human environment? Is it basic or acidic? Range: 7.35 - 7.45 Setpoint 7.40 Basic or Alkaline environment
Environment where H+ > OH- Acidic
Environment where H+ < OH- Basic (alkaline)
Blood pH level 7.44
What happens to proteins when the level of H+ is high? They attach to large protein molecules causing the form and function of proteins to be changes or disrupted. Proteins no longer function causing them to break down and putting the human body in a life threatening position.
A solution with a pH of 6.99 is considered to be Acidic
Buffer System of molecules that aborb or release H+ to help maintain the relatively stable pH level
Synthesis means to make.
Hydrolysis means loosen it with water
polymers are assembled by dehydration synthesis
polymers are disasembled by hydrolysis
examples of disaccarides sucrose, maltose (grains, starches)- called malted grain, lactose (milk sugar)
phospholipids form two important structures in the body Phospholipid bi-layer (cellular membrane) and Micelles (transport fat from stored cells to muscles for use)
What is the general structure of Cholesterol? Steroid nucleus or core with a derivitive side chain (R group)
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