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Word Within A Word

Word Within A Word OHS List #36

pre before
gen origin
jur swear
sopor sleep
ped foot
lin line
tomy cut
tort twist
ob against
sesqui one and a half
nec kill
post after
son sound
demo people
inter between
cracy government
phan appearance
dicho in two parts
sui self
partheno virgin
pluto wealth
a priori from theory
a posteriori from observation
parthenogenesis unfertilized birth
assonance vowel repetition
objurgation rebuke
demotic of the common people
soporific sleep-inducing
internecine mutually destructive
sesquipedalian very long words
sui generis unique
plutocracy government of wealthy
delineate to outline
dichotomy two-part division
epiphany revelation
tortuous twisting
Created by: macespace1