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Common Stat 151 Terms to know

What is statistics a way of reasoning and a collecting of tools and methods that help us comprehend the world OR particular calculations made from data
What is Data values (numbers, record names, labels) along with their context
Who the individual cases about whom or which the data is from
Respondents Individuals who answer a survey
Subjects / Participants People on whom we experiment on
Experimental Units Animals, Plants, inanimate subjects
Variables Characteristics recorded about each individual
What determines the variable that has been measured, some have units Ex. Mass, Time, Distance
Categorical or Qualitative Variables Quality of something, uses words Ex. sex, race, ethnicity
Quantitative variables Comes with a unit of measurement Ex. Income ($), Height (inches), weight (pound)
Ordinal variables Rank or data in terms of degree
Indentifier Variables categorical variables with one invidual in each category Ex SIN, FedEx tracking number, ISBN
Why why the data is useful
trial sequence of events we want to investigate
component building blocks of a simulation
Sample Surveys
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