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VA 5th GRADE SOUND MR. G. 989120 mles

A series of vibrations you can hear sound (sonido)
The part of a sound wave in which molecules are pushed together compression
The part of a sound wave in which the molecules are spread out rarefaction
Sound waves are a type of wave known as longitudinal waves
A moving pattern of high and low pressure that you can hear sound wave (onda acústica)
The distance from one compression to the next in a sound wave wavelength (longitud de onda)
Loudness of a sound, height of a sound wave amplitude (amplitud)
A measure of how high or low a sound is, the steepness of a sound wave pitch (echada)
The speed at which a sound wave travels through air in miles per hour about 768 miles per hour, much slower than light
A sound reflection echo (eco)
A shock wave of compressed sound waves produced by an object moving faster than sound sonic boom
Who first broke the sound barrier in an airplane? Chuck Yegar in 1947
What is the relative speed of sound in a solid, gas, liquid - slowest to fastest Slowest to fastest: gas, liquid, solid
The number of sound waves per second Frequency (Frecuencia)
Why is there no sound in outer space? There is no matter for sound waves to vibrate
Absence of all matter - think outer space Vacuum (vacío)
A code of long and short sounds (or lights) originally used with a telegraph, no longer in use Morse Code
A unit of measure of the loudness of sound (like inches is a unit of measure of length) Decibel (decibelio)
When sound creates a vibration/sound in a neighboring object / The amplification of sound in a chamber Resonance Copyright © 2012 S Gissendanner Free for personal and classroom use
Created by: Mr Giss