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3.1 License : Permission :: Title : Competition Document Ownership Work Ownership
3.2 Green : Blue :: Purple : Lavender Red Orange Violet Red
3.3 Tadpole : Swims :: Leaf : Flies Turns Attaches Floats Floats
3.4 Road : Asphalt :: Wall : Fence Support Stucco Vertical Stucco
3.5 Encomium : Praise :: Apothegm : Instruct Reiterate State Write Instruct
3.6 Everest : Nepal :: Kilimanjaro Statovolcano Denali Serengeti Tanzania Tanzania
3.7 Lizard : Long Tail :: Amphibian : Scaly Skin Three-chambered heart Clawed toe Exoskeleton Three-chambered heart
3.8 Conjure : Invoke :: Conscript : Draft Serve Train Write Draft
3.9 Campaign : Elect :: Advertise : Publicize Sponsor Purchase Broadcast Purchase
3.10 Documentary : Informative :: Memorial : Commemorative Funerary Ceremonial Memorable Commemorative
3.11 Cardiology : Cardiovascular :: Osteopathy : Chiropractic Musculoskeletal Cranial Rehabilitative Musculoskeletal
3.12 Mime : Silent :: Contortionist : Flexible Athletic Twisted Entertaining Flexible
3.13 Avarice : Generosity :: Boredom : Apathy Distraction Sickness Excitement Excitement
3.14 Brooklyn : Bridge :: Fuller : Comparative Blacksmith hammer Dome More complete Dome
3.15 Emperor : Reign :: President : Mandate Term Dynasty Power Term
3.16 Epistemology : Philosophy :: Accounting : Business Marketing Budget Transaction Business
3.17 Canoe : Sailboat :: Iron : Metal Magnet Copper Cannon Copper
3.18 Derivative : Limit :: Mortgage : House Interest Bank Loan Loan
3.19 Juror : Jury :: Citizen : Nation Immigrant Civilian Demographics Nation
3.20 Penitentiary : Punitive :: Plant : Fecund Physical Herbaceous Productive Productive
3.21 Research : Information :: Synthesis : Subjects Identification Elements Simplification Elements
3.22 Spelling : Punctuation :: Algorithm : Calculus Equation Invariance Sum Equation
3.23 Inept : Skill :: Flimsy : Breadth Weight Strength Thickness Strength
3.24 Caterwaul : Noise :: Crescendo : Music Increase Yowl Sound Music
3.25 Anthropoid : Misanthrope :: Chronology : Moment Cosmology Narrative Anachronism Anachronism
3.26 Planet : Star :: Electron : Atom Nucleus Particle Molecule Nucleus
3.27 Philatelist : Stamps :: Numismatist : Wines Miniatures Coins Dolls Coins
3.28 Buffer : Shock :: Insulation : Wire Fiberglass Protection Transfer Transfer
3.29 Bacteria : Pneumonia :: Virus : Influenza Syphilis Tuberculosis Diptheria Influenza
3.30 Sentry : Vigilance :: Officer : Trust Authority Executive Commission Authority
3.31 The normal, everyday occurrence of sleep is a necessary but ______ phenomenon that the scientific community has so far been unable to explain with a generally agreed-upon theory. restorative archaic common enigmatic enigmatic
3.32 The Salem withcraft crisis began in the winter of 1692, when several young girls from prominent families of the village began to suffer from fits that many of their elders _____ attributed to witchcraft. correctly probably eventually candidly eventually
3.33 Engineering students learn to apply technological knowledge and skills to design, construct, utilize, and _____ product and systems. devise evaluate procure convey evaluate
3.34 Resrchr in Cnda _ 1000sofvolunteers from all over the world toassessthe impact of tobaoexpre on hrtatkrsk and _ that tbuse of anykind is sgnfly moredangers than not usingitatall. recruited|concluded asked|found contacted|decided identified|determ recruited|concluded
3.35 In most areas of science, it does not matter very much to the public whether a particular _ is subsequently proven wrong, but in some areas it matters a great deal, such as when human genetics are involved. individual opinion action theory theory
3.36 Although the theory that mcroorgs are the cause of many disease was highly _ when 1st proposed, it has become a fndmntl pncple of mdrnmed and clinmicbio, leading to antibiotics and hygnpractices. influential unlikely controversial complex controversial
3.37 The equality of all persons under low is one of the _____ of a truly democratic society. cornerstones perplexities incidentals anomalies cornerstones
3.38 It was once common practice in some parts of Europe for a bride's parents, if they had no _____, to give land to a new son-in-law under the condition he take the bride's family name along with the land. money sons livestock tenants sons
3.39 water hyacinth, a plnt that has clogged waterways and crowded out native veg, illustrates the _____ of introing a spcis into a hbt without understand how it will _____ with the habitat. risks|integrate folly|coexist peril|correspond dangers|inter dangers|interact
3.40 Most of the work of the skin is done by the dermis, which contains the glands, tissue, nerve endings, and blood vessels that are _____ for the organ to function. compulsory superfluous imperative provided imperative
3.41 A number of the puzzling details about specimens found at three recent excavation sites will require _____ by the professional archaeologists involved in order for them to make sense of the findings. analysis consideration inspection submission analysis
3.42 oppose fish farming, arguing that because a certain % of any farm's selectively bred fish inevitably _____, these fish ______ the genetic comp of wild populations through interbreeding. emerge|influence escape|alter mingle|degrade reproduce|restr escape|alter
3.43 If neuros investigating mental prcsing find corroboration for Freud's theory, it would suggest that many psychologists' _ of that model over the past few decades was _. acceptance|unscientific rejection|premature adoption|hasty repudiation|impuls rejection|premature
3.44 Zora N Hurston, because of her gender and work not seen as socially or politcally _, her writings fell into obscurity until they were _ in the 1970s in a famous essay. controversial|vindicated important|reviewed viable|defended relevant|rediscove relevant|rediscovered
3.45 The average consumer would be shocked to learn how many OTC meds have potentially _____ effects on the liver. palliative inert toxic constrained toxic
3.46 In a program to strengthen the pop of chestnut trees, plant pathologists seek out surviving trees that show genetic _ to blight and _ that trait by interbreeding them. resistance|enhance sensitivity|increase invulnerability|mitigate immunity|exte resistance|enhance
3.47 The breathtaking _____ of the former imperial palace continues to overwhelm visitors who spend time in each lavishly furnished room. density luxuriance structure destitution luxuriance
3.48 Some current television programs boldly attempt to surprise the viewing audience with vivid, _____ portrayals of human experiences. academic idealized simplistic unadorned unadorned
1.1 Diagnosis : Prescription :: Analysis : Examination Problem Data Recommendation Recommendation
1.2 Illusion : Reality :: Perjury : Fantasy Veracity Judgment Falsehood Veracity
1.3 Liquid : Condensation :: Gas : Dissolution Liquefaction Evaporation Precipitation Evaporation
1.4 Acquiescent : Compliant :: Audacious : Brazen Timid Stoic Peaceful Brazen
1.5 Optimism : Enthusiasm :: Enticement : Object Desire Obligation Seduction Seduction
1.6 Active : Organism :: Static : Object Animal Noise Electricity Object
1.7 Mammalogy :Primate :: Entomology : Genus Trout Zoologist Beetle Beetle
1.8 Lie : Deceptive :: Truth : Dangerous Genuine Secure Pleasant Genuine
1.9 Fat : Lipid :: Steroid : Lipid Saturated Cholesterol Supplement Cholesterol
1.10 Hurricane : Typhoon :: Atlantic : Ocean Pacific Cyclone Tsunami Pacific
1.11 Post : Fence :: Spindle : Handrail Rod Axle Bobbin Handrail
1.12 Area : Circle :: Length : Inch Breadth Line Distance Line
1.13 Plumber : Wrench :: Bricklayer : Cement Pipe Masonry Trowel Trowel
1.14 Fabric : Felt :: Brick : Mud Straw Adobe Pueblo Adobe
1.15 Investigation : Facts :: Analysis : Data Report Study Synthesis Data
1.16 Emu : Dodo :: Elephant : Dinosaur Hippopotamus Mammal Mammoth Mammoth
1.17 Gasoline : Petroleum :: Rubber : Oil Tire Latex Elastic Latex
1.18 Description : Apt :: Measurement : Careful Accurate Precise Long Accurate
1.19 She : Personal :: Myself : Herself Indefinite Me Reflexive Reflexive
1.20 Limestone : Cement :: Silica : Glass Compound Rock Mineral Glass
1.21 Coarse : Silky :: Banal : Filthy Profound Pathetic Mundane Profound
1.22 Hermit : Company :: Coward : Assistance Error Miscreant Valor Valor
1.23 Quiz : Knowledge :: Ruler : Length King Measure Yardstick Length
1.24 Lord : Vassal :: Landlord : Property Building Tenant Rent Tenant
1.25 Symptom : Disorder :: Pain : Aspirin Throb Chronic Strain Strain
1.26 Tooth : Enamel :: Tree : Bark Forest Trunk Wood Bark
1.27 Invoice : Costs :: Index : Cards Files Pages References Pages
1.28 Freezer : Refrigerator :: Burner : Grill Incinerator Microwave Stove Stove
1.29 Repress : Indulge :: Confine : Constrain Expand Gratify Crave Expand
1.30 Lapel : Suit :: Roof : Chimney Eaves House Shingles House
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