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Math in Chemistry

The math concepts involved in Chemistry

Mass is measure in grams (g)
Length is measured in meters (m)
Time is measured in seconds (s)
Temperate is measured in Kelvins (K)
Volume is measured in liters (L)
Energy is measured in joules (J)
Prefix: Tera (T) is 10^12
Prefix: Giga (G) is 10^9
Prefix: Mega (M) is 10^6
Prefix: Kilo (k) is 10^3
Prefix: Hecto (h) is 10^2
Prefix: Deka (da) is 10^1
Prefix: Deci (d) is 10^-1
Prefix: Centi (c) is 10^-2
Prefix: Milli (m) is 10^-3
Prefix: Micro (u as in the lowercase Greek letter, "mu") is 10^-6
Prefix: Nano (n) 10^-9
Prefix: Pico (p) 10^-12
How do you convert to Kelvin from Celcius? How do you convert to Celsius from Kelvin? K= C+273 C= K-273
How do you write numbers in scientific notation? M x 10^n 1. Find the decimal point and move it so that the number is between 1 and 10. 2. Place the number of spaces you moved the decimal in the "n" spot 3. If the original number is a decimal, the exponent is negative. Whole numbers have + exponents
How do you multiply or divide numbers in scientific notation? 1. Multiply or divide the base numbers like you would do normally. 2. When multiplying, add the exponents. When dividing, subtract the exponents.
What is percent error? What is the formula for percent error? Percent error is a measure of how far or close your values are from the actual, accepted value. % Error= ((/measured value- accepted value/) divided by accepted value) x 100
What is density? What is the formula for density? Density is a measure of how many atoms of a substance occupy one cubic centimeter of the substance; how compact a substance is. The formula is Mass/ Volume = Density
When converting in the metric system, how would you convert from a small unit to a bigger unit? Does the number become bigger or smaller? Move the decimal to the left the number of units you want to increase by to convert from small to big. The number will become smaller.
When converting in the metric system, how would you convert from a big unit to a smaller unit? Does the number become bigger or smaller? Move the decimal to the right the number of units you want to increase by to covert from big to small. The number will become bigger.
What is dimensional analysis? When should you use it? A method for problem solving that compares quantities and relationships and allows you to convert to different units without having to memorize multiple formulas. You can use it for stoichiometric problems that require mole calculations.
What are the first and second rules for dimensional analysis? Take one number that is given and place it over one. Multiply by a new fraction with the same unit in the denominator and the new unit in the numerator so the unit in the denominator and the original number cancel.
What are the third and fourth rules for dimensional analysis? Find the conversion factor so that the numerator is equal to the denominator. Multiply the numerators and divide the denominators.
What are the rules for determining the number of significant figures when rounding? Leading zeroes never count because you can convert to a larger unit to get rid of them. Trailing zeroes will only count if there is a decimal point signifying that is was measured. Always round to the lowest number of significant figures given.
When do zeroes count towards the final number of significant figures? When they are trapped between measured values.
What is the formula for percent composition? (part/ total) times 100
What is the scientific method used for? A logical way of problem solving that utilizes observations and data acquired from experiments to determine solutions and conclusions about the problem.
What are the steps of the scientific method? Defining the problem, research, hypothesis, experiment, collecting data, evaluating results, and formulating a conclusion.
Is it okay for you hypothesis to be wrong? Yes, it is okay because a hypothesis is an educated guess and you can't always be sure. As long as your data and conclusion are reasonable, your hypothesis can be wrong because you did discover something new.
What is gram formula mass? Molecular mass
What is the unit for molecular mass? Grams
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